2000 Endorsements! I really want to thank everyone for reaching this goal, in particular the rest of the RCRN staff: RPGWizard, Pandorax and Zocks , who during the last few months worked on the new version over 8 hours a day, their steady support to me, both mod-side but also psycological (RCRN is approaching 1 year old, and keeping the motivation running is not so easy sometimes!) has been really invaluable. Thank you guys! <3

Obviously this is also an achievement of our community, we are really proud of all the reports and nice words that you have been leaving on our boards, so thank you for supporting and loving RCRN!

For thanking you in a more appropriate way, rather than just a simple post, we’ve cooked up a surprise for you… stay tuned, and check our pages frequently during the next hours!


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