We are an independent group of developers, specialized in developing post-processing techniques and web-based integration and services. We are mostly known as the developers behind RCRN for Skyrim.

RCRN, an acronym for “Realistic Colors and Real Nights” is a hybrid post-processing method developed in the game environment of Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls V. This was accomplished mainly due to the advantages linked to the mod developer tools that were necessary to run our Hybrid Shaders management.

Established in November 2011, and under constant developing and updating by our dedicated team, RCRN is now serving, for free, over 200,000 users world-wide. It is currently the most used and the best ranked lighting modification on the Steam Workshop.

The Team:

The RCRN dev team is quite small, composed by just 4 people, a manageable number for an indie team.
aLaaa, from Italy, main developer of RCRN and graphics designer, as CEO.
RpgWizard, from Finland, as Artist Director and pony herder.
PandoraX357, from USA, as Community Manager and Beta Testers manager.
ZoCks, from Germany, as Media and Community Manager, actually closed in a fridge.

External Collaborators:

mannyGT, one of the best Creation Kit scripters on Nexus.
daMs, as coder of the off-RCRN applications (Customizer) and web applications.

About the RCRN Community:

Maintained as a solid backbone for our community, the RCRN Community website provides users with up-to-date news about RCRN, extended support documentation, in addition to available media, mod downloads and currently the latest RCRN Beta download (beta versions though stable are only released on the official website). We also maintain a live IRC chat with 24/7 customer support. (Pretty unusual for a mod, but we really love helping our users). Further integrations between the website and the RCRN mod it self are planned for the Q4 2012.

Contact Us:

For general and commercial inquiries about RCRN you can contact us by mail through the address: support@rcrncommunity.com
If you are looking for customer support please use our boards/faqs/documentation.