The Steam Autumn Sale: Skyrim and DLCs on sale

For the next 46 hours, Skyrim and its DLCs are on sale at the Steam Store. If you are looking to pick up Dragonborn or Dawnguard to check out the RCRN support for it, or just happen to know someone who hasn’t picked up the game yet, now might be the time. The current sale prices: Skyrim Legendary Edition (Skyrim + all DLCs) – 60% off at $20.39 (13.59€) Skyrim [...Read More!]


A Tale of Two EP #2 - Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective

During the last chapter, the story followed the point of view of Forgsmitt, the divinely appointed champion, or so he believes, as he braved the dragon attack at Helgen. Today we will explore a different view of the same facts! ~Zeq Chapter #2 Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective “Hey, you. Your finally awake.” The ashen skinned elf groggily rubbed his eyes as he silently retorted that, no, he had not [...Read More!]


A Tale of Two EP #1 - Helgen Omens: The Orc Perspective

Hello fellas! During the past weeks we welcomed aboard into our Dev Team: Zeq, as content manager for the RCRN website. Today, after several days of work we are happy to present a periodical (and community-driven) novel, which will guide you around Tamriel, we hope that it will be an entertaining read for our whole user base. I leave the rest to Zeq! Happy reading! ~aLaaa Hello and welcome to [...Read More!]