Beta Step: #3 SubVersion: 2.1.2

About the Beta:

This is the RCRN Beta page, here you can access the latest Beta version, please keep in mind that this is an OPEN BETA not a STABLE VERSION!
We are using it to test stuff, if you are looking for the latest STABLE release please go here!

Disclaimer and notes:

The Beta does not contain all the features planned for the full RCRN AE release. It’s split in 3 large steps, and each one will feature different content and will be released during a different time intervals. The Beta may contain issues, and may break your dishwasher forever. Install at your own risk!

What you should test?

All the new features! Emphasis is on feedback. Please report to us your thoughts on the new features, by posting such feedback over in the new AE Beta Forum, located in our Official Boards.

Beta step #1

Included into Step #2!

Features and fixes available in the Beta #1:

Build 1.1.1

FIXED: Solved several minor issues related to the new Smart AutoInstaller.
Build 1.1.0

NEW: Smart Autoinstaller (please read the full documentation HERE).
NEW: AutoUpdater (please read the full documentation HERE).
CHANGED: Updated our Dynamic Interiors and Volumetric Fog Scripts.
FIXED: Several issues related to WorldSpaces and weather (ie: SoulCairn)

Build 1.0.0

NEW: Dawnguard DLC fully supported and fully handtweaked.
NEW: HD Snow Textures.
CHANGED: Updated our Dynamic Interiors and Volumetric Fog Scripts.
CHANGED: Improved the look of several Clear weather IDs.
CHANGED: Added more DOF to several Clear weather IDs.
CHANGED: Reduced nighttime Eye-Adaption amount in several weather IDs.
FIXED: Blackreach weather is no longer continued after exiting Blackreach.
FIXED: DI are no more causing conflicts inside Forgotten Vale (Dawnguard).
FIXED: Soul Cairn now behaves correctly (Dawnguard).
FIXED:The wrong .BMP screenshot is no longer generated when you press the “print screen” key.
View the FULL Changelog (build 1.1.1)

Beta step #2

Included into Step #3!

Features and fixes available in the Beta #2:

Build 2.0.0

NEW: Cloudy Weather Pack! Adds the first batch of brand new Weathers, which includes 20 new handcrafted Cloudy Weathers.
NEW: Cloudy Skies Texture pack! Adds the first batch of brand new sky & clouds textures.
NEW: Weathers are now picked by using a new method, this has been done in order to avoid the “stuck weather bug” that some users experienced.
CHANGED: Reworked the Regional Weathers behavior. Now it uses a more linear and various weather picking.
CHANGED: Weathers transition time x2, we doubled the fading time for smoother weather transitions.
FIXED: Solved several regional Weather related issues.

View the FULL Changelog (build 2.0.0)

Beta step #3

Download available now!

Features and fixes available in the Beta #4:

Build 2.1.0

NEW: Dragonborn DLC fully supported and fully handtweaked.
NEW: RCRN Customizer AE, reworked from scratch.
NEW: Timescale switcher. Choose your favorite ratio of weather changes.

Build 2.1.2

FIXED: UAC related issues during Installation.
FIXED: UAC related issues during drag/drop.
FIXED: Solved several minor issues.
CHANGED: Reworked Dragonborn Ash Weathers for Pure preset.
COMMUNITY: Implemented a couple of community driven ideas/fixes.

Planned Features (not live yet):

NEW: SMAA Antialiasing.

WIP: This is NOT the Final Changelog!

Installation and Download!

Before installing the Beta please remember to fully uninstall any RCRN version released before RCRN Beta 1.1.0!

If you are already using RCRN Beta 1.1.0 or an higher version, and you need to upgrade to an even higher version, redownloading this file is not required, version after the RCRN AE Beta 1.1.0 will automatically Autoupdate throught the new AutoInstaller client.

Since “Build 1.1.0” the RCRN AE Beta comes with shining new RCRN Smart AutoInstaller/AutoUpdater program, so please, before installing read and understand the RCRN Smart Autoinstaller/Autoupdater USER GUIDE located HERE!

If you are using Steam Workshop remember that the Beta doesn’t support it, in order to use it you have to un-subscribe the mod from the Workshop and uninstall the RCRN “core files”!

Beta #3 Download (Build 2.1.2 – Changelog – 26/11/2013):

This is a Stealth release, this means that only the users who opted-in for the RCRN AE Beta before Build 2.1.1 will be eligible for receiving it, if you are eligible the RCRN Autoupdater will automatically prompt you the update dialog window. You can read more about Stealth releases here.

Questions or Issues about the RCRN Beta? Do you want drop us your opinion? Or do u just RCRN?
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    December 19, 2013
    Yeah you read it well, in RCRN 2.1.4 we added supports for ENB, but we all know that a vanilla ENB placed over RCRN without all the proper tweaking looks like crap, unless you use a proper ENB preset developed to work with RCRN.Because this, with this…
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