RCRN comes with a fully customizable .ini for advanced editing, to access it you need to open the file “injFX_Settings.h” located in your main Skyrim folder (usually: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim).

Remember that the values used by RCRN are really near to perfection, but feel free to experiment with them! Another way of customization is using the Imaginator mod along with RCRN to adjust values during gameplay!

Here is an advanced explanation of the “injFX_Settings.h” values:

0 = Disable | 1 = Enable

#define USE_ANTI_ALIASING 1 DO NOT TOUCH, in order to disable AA please follow the instructions located HERE
#define USE_PRE_SHARPEN 1 Enable pre-Sharpening, lighter effect than post-sharpening
#define USE_HDR 1 Enable the first HDR pass
#define USE_HDRpro 1 Enable the second HDR pass
#define USE_BLOOM 0 DO NOT TOUCH, this process is no more used, putting it to 1 has no effect
#define USE_TECHNICOLOR 1 Enable the Red/Green/Blue post-process channel correction
#define USE_TONEMAP 1 Here are defined the main values of the color palette, like saturation, gamma, ecc…
#define USE_SEPIA 1 This is not a real “sepia effect”, it’s mostly used for enhancing the skybox tone
#define USE_VIGNETTE 0 This value add a “cartoon-like” effect to the scene, not used in RCRN
#define USE_ANAGLYPH 0 Put this value to 1 for use with Anaglyphic 3D glasses
#define USE_POST_SHARPEN 1 Most of the RCRN sharpening effect is generated by this value, turn it to 0 if you don’t like sharpening
#define USE_FINAL_LIMITER 0 Here is the color palette limitator, ignore it

Set values to calculate the amount of Anti Aliasing applied

#define FXAA_QUALITY__PRESET 9 Here you can set the quality of the FXAA filter, the range is MIN [ 1 <= 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 >= 9 ] MAX
float fxaaQualitySubpix = 0.5000 Raise this value to increase the amount of FXAA blur
float fxaaQualityEdgeThreshold = 0.0003 Lower this value for more smoothing
float fxaaQualityEdgeThresholdMin = 0.0003 Lower this value for more smoothing

this is the first sharpening pass, the lighter one

bool highQualitySharpen = 0 High quality edge calculations, better effect but use more CPU and may cause instability, range: [ 0 = OFF | 1 = ON ]
#define AverageBlur 0.8 Set the average value of blur applied to the sharpening pass
#define CoefficientsBlur 2 Blur multiplier, range: MIN [ 1 <= 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 >= 9 ] MAX
#define SharpenEdge 0.2 Using an higher value emphasises the edge between colors
#define SharpenContour 1.0 Contour heaviness, range: MIN [ 1 <= 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 >= 9 ] MAX

not used, we are managing it via Creation Kit, values under this section are only for internal reference

Technicolor is the RGB color channel management

#define TechniAmount 0.180 Amount of RGB tone added to the image, max value: 1.00
#define TechniPower 4.5 Power of the RGB tone, (white balancement) lower values adds more white to the image, higher values less white
#define redNegativeAmount 0.825 Amount of RED used in the image. Lower value: more red. Higher value: less red. Max value: 1.0
#define greenNegativeAmount 0.95 Amount of GREEN used in the image. Lower value: more green. Higher value: less green. Max value: 1.0
#define blueNegativeAmount 1.0 Amount of BLUE used in the image. Lower value: more blue. Higher value: less blue. Max value: 1.0

Tonemap is used to manage the color options

#define Gamma 1.580 Gamma is used to set the overall “brightness”. Lower value: more brightness. Higher value: less brightness.
#define Exposure 0.0585 Power of the light sources, Higher value: more power. Be careful with this, a wrong value may broke the RCRN HDR
#define Saturation 0.27 Amount of saturation used. Lower value: less saturation. Higher value: more saturation.
#define BlueShift -0.30 advanced “Blue” management. Lower value: less blue. Higher value: more blue.
#define Bleach 0.00 Bleach bypass, higher = stronger effect
#define Defog .00 Strength of Lens Colors.
#define FogColor Lens-style color filters for Blue, Red, Yellow, White.


Happy Tweaking!
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  1. June 19, 2013  12:54 am by Solaries

    I'm trying to tweak my settings a bit, any chance at finishing up this guide?

  2. May 27, 2015  2:19 am by xtreemgamer129

    i wanna know how to properly tweak the anaglyph mode... right now just ticking it to 'on' without editing the ini only pushes my monitor half an inch backwards into the frame, but everything in it is still one flat image. frankly that's even less immersive than no 3d at all.

  3. October 13, 2015  1:14 pm by 2g33k4u

    I am using the base enb Series without a package But I get a permanent Static look to screen. almost like it is a haze. I am using the enblocal to use the memory settings 384/10240. That is only setting I have changed in enblocal.ini

    I have Purity installed.

    Anyway to take advantage of the boost features without altering the RCN visuals? Without boost it stutters alot.

    • October 13, 2015  1:19 pm by aLaaa

      you have to set everything to off within the ENB .ini file and keep just the boost enabled ;)

      Stuttering is generally from ENB it self, honestly we suggest to use RCRN without any ENB, easier, faster and basically same final result.

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