Author    Been off from skyrim for about 4 years and now im back


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« on: Jan 06, 2018, 19:05 »
glad to see RCRN isnt completely dead, I was really supportive of your guys vision of how the weather should look like in Skyrim.

You seem rather inactive now and today I got back and noticed I actually have free Skyrim Special edition, installed it and now it's time for me to spend the next 8hours modding the game - which is strangely more enjoyable than actually playing that game haha

Anyway, hope you make RCRN work with Skyrim SE rather soon, I will give you a deadline of 1month and after that I will declare that the days of Skyrims modding community has finnally started to end.

Im also reinstalling Elder scrolls online, so if you want to play with someone in that game then PM me here on the forums.

Have a good one lads, hope you never get bored of modding games. You've talent!
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