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« on: Jul 08, 2013, 14:43 »
Ok, I am playing Skyrim now for a whole while with RCRNv36, Enhanced Lights and FX (.esp file for exterior lighting installed and checked), Immersive Thunder and Lightning during Thunderstorms and have to say this works flawlessly. The only issue that sometimes happens are weather sounds indoors, that do not fit the weather outside and once I brought "Blackreach weather" with me as Skyrim exterior weather (the later ones happened only once, in all other cell zonings out of Blackreach the weather switched normally). 

I got general performance problems (as many others) after a certain Skyrim version update and I realized that I just had to many mods installed, the antique 32bit Skyrim engine wasn't able to handle that (even with a high quality rig). So I had to downgrade some texture mods (from 8k to 4k or from 4k to 2k) or even deinstalled some texture mods completely (75% of Benjami318 mods I just deinstalled, they were only a minor improvement over Skyrim 2K HD anyways and the grafical improvement was caused just by a lot of "noise"). In addition I adjusted some higher values in my papyrus .ini settings to handle the lot of script mods I have better. I set them to a value where SkyUI still doesn't moan.

Now I am eager to give Ultimate Lighting Overhaul a try. On the description page I read that ULO is compatible with RCRNv36 and ELFX. Any things I have to know or to pay attention to when installing this mod?

1) As far as I know yet, ULO relies on FXAA and I guess RCRNv36 FXAA should be enough (no need for the additional - and really bad - Skyrim FXAA or even Nvidia FXAA). But what's with the other settings? ambient occlusion? my rig for example is able to handle 16x AF, 4 x SSAA for "normal" AA and 8 Sparse Grid SSAA for tranparency AA and I have ambient occlusion quality forced by the Nvidia Control Panel.

2) How does Volumetric Fog of RCRNv36 behave to Gaussian Blur of ULO?

3) Do I need to overwrite some RCNv36 settings or maybe have I to pay attention to a specific load order (like ELFX, which .esp should be loaded after the RCRNv36 .esp)

4) I guess with ULO I will overwrite some of the lighting settings of RCRNv36, but the RCRNv36 weather settings still work?

...only to ask a few questions here that come to my mind.   
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« Reply #1 on: Jul 08, 2013, 17:08 »
ULO it's just SweetFX, uploaded with an alternate fancy name, probably also without the authorization of the real author of SweetFX, which has it's own Nexus page located here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/23364