Author    Sky Texture Issues (Similar to Other Unsolved Posts)


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« on: Feb 02, 2017, 07:59 »
Hello RCRN team.

First, thank you for this excellent mod.  Everytime I've upgraded my computer I have ended up coming back to RCRN, as it just gets SO MUCH right.

I have recently added a considerable graphics card, and done some real modding more than I was able to do in the past.  I've managed to break something in my sky textures.


This is similar to other posts I have found here, but in browsing those posts I have not YET found a posted solution.  It's been suggested that something is overwriting a texture for the sky somehow.  I have rebuilt the RCRN files using the customizer to no avail and I have tried placing RCRN at the bottom of the order.  Any help would be appreciated, and I would be very willing to assist in a more thorough examination of the issue if I could be guided through troubleshooting steps.