Hey guys! My name is Jen and I’m the new kid. You might have seen me on the RCRN forums as Scary Monster. I’m here to manage the site and post neat stuff for you to read so the rest of the team can focus on RCRN and support. My interests include playing video games, talking about video games, writing about video games, attending Starfleet Academy, and cats. I should note that any and all mods I mention in my reviews are fully compatible with RCRN (which, of course, everyone should have installed anyway) and, unless otherwise stated, the official DLC. With all that said, Frostfall ahoy!

The first time Frostfall tried to kill me, it was completely my fault. I had been tromping along in Windhelm for far too long after dark. I became a bit nervous upon seeing “you are very cold”, and when “you are freezing to death” loomed over me, I utterly panicked. “I need fire!” I exclaimed to my follower, who blankly stared at me, obviously unaware of the dire situation at hand. Fool! Doesn’t she know our lives are in danger?! I built my fire, unpacked my tent hurriedly, hunkered down inside, and breathed a sigh of relief when the mod assured me that I began to warm up.

Frostfall is a survival mod by Chesko that focuses on exposure and staying warm in the harsh climate. Fortunately there are several ways to go about this, many of which leaving me feeling like an actual adventurer as opposed to a dork pretending to be one. Exposure can be reduced by wearing warm clothes such as a cloak, being near a fire, drinking soup, holding a torch, or being in a warm cozy place such as a tent. Temperature is tracked by location, so being in a very cold environment like Winterhold will raise your exposure much faster than somewhere like Riften. Getting wet from swimming or rain will rapidly increase the rate of exposure, so no more mucking about in the water unless there’s fire nearby to dry you off.

And here we see a random guy who wandered into my tent. (This doesn't normally happen, I just thought it was funny.)

There are two features in Frostfall that I used quite often. Weathersense is the little buddy that provides the area’s current temperature, your level of exposure, and how wet you are (ranging from ‘completely dry’ to ‘drenched.’) I had far too much fun with the other feature, Survival Skills, to harvest firewood and craft myself an axe, a backpack with +50 carrying capacity, a hide tent, a cooking pot, and a spiffy-looking black cloak. Every item you craft displays on your character, which I thought was a very smart bit of visual feedback. Chesko didn’t need to make my cooking pot and rolled up tent visible on my character, but it sure made me feel like a badass ready to brave the wilderness.

Notice my axe and tent, like a REAL ADVENTURER. Also, awesome RCRN night sky.

Thanks to SkyUI’s relatively new Mod Configuration Menu, Frostfall can be set to one of three presets or customized. I opted for Classic, as it appeared to be the middle of the road option. I was never in constant danger, but I could never really relax either. I’ve never been so concerned with firewood in my life. A feature called W.E.A.R. can also be activated, which detects the type of armor you’re wearing and adjusts the resistance to exposure accordingly. For example, a full set of fur armor will give maximum exposure resistance, whereas that bikini armor mod you downloaded probably won’t amount to much.

Overall, this mod is brilliant. It manages to be challenging while still fun, a feat that many survival mods fall just short of. It adds an entirely new layer to Skyrim and immersed me in the experience and my character like few other mods have. If you want to freely dive into the waters of Windhelm and adventure in the rain for hours, it may not be for you. However, if you’re nuts about immersion like I am and your hobbies include tent-making and tree-chopping, Frostfall is one of the first mods you should consider.

Frostfall is available for download at the Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop. The author of this mod highly recommends using SkyUI and SKSE but they are not required.




  1. February 26, 2013  3:45 pm by Fvash

    Nice write up Jen!

    What a great idea: I'm sure being able to hand off some management of the site is a great relief for aLaaa and team. Thanks for your participation!

    I hope you try your hand at some more adventure-writing: the beginning of this article was pretty funny, chronicling your hapless first encounters with Frostfall's mechanics. Looking forward to more!

  2. February 26, 2013  5:46 pm by ScaryMonster

    Thank you! I'm really having fun writing for you guys and working with the team. Everyone has been so great (including the users) and I'm just glad that people are enjoying my work. I do plan on writing some adventuring stories, I tend to get excited and plan several topics at once, so I'm working through my ideas at the moment. I have another article that should be posted once things with the beta settle down a bit, keep an eye out for it! :)

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