Hello guys, today we wanted to make enthusiastic mention to the latest entry in the mod release list, by our friends at HiAlgoBoost, the Switch!

HiAlgoSwitch is a new, and super-lightweight tool designed for switching Skyrim‘s resolution (but it is also compatible with many others games) from 100% to 50% and back, instantly and simply by clicking the middle mouse button.

This tool is mainly designed for users with average/mid-range rigs, who want to enjoy good graphic quality for most of gameplay, but may at times need a fps boost for the more demanding situations, like massive battles or complex gameplay actions. In these cases, you can simply click the middle button and enjoy a smoother gameplay, and then switch back to normal resolution for enjoying your beloved high-res landscapes again!

The HiAlgo guys also brought HiAlgoSwitch over to Steam Greenlight, they could use some endorsement and maybe altogether we will manage to greenlit it!

Here are a few videos explaining how it works:

Installation is really easy. You simply need to download HiAlgoSwitch, run the HiAlgoSwitch.exe, and then launch the your game of choice.

Currently, HiAlgoSwitch is compatible with the following games:
- Skyrim
- FarCry 3
- Dishonored
- Modern Warfare 3
- BorderLands 2
- MassEffect 3
- Batman Arkham City
- Call of Juarez
- Probably all games based on Unreal3 engine will work
- Probably all games based in Unity3D engine will work

But it should be compatible with all Dx9 game, so feel free to check it with your favorite game, and remember to report back!

HiAlgoSwitch is currently available for download on SkyrimNexus, but you can also endorse it on Steam Greenlight!


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