Hello guys, RCRN 2.1 is out since two weeks, I only want to notify you that we almost finished the work on the upcoming version, that will probably be called 2.1b, this upgrade will feature some bug fixes regarding torches, caves, foggy weather and much more; but also an injector files revamp and an upgraded version of the autoinstaller. You can consider this a “preparation” patch for the very big version 2.2 that will feature a total new *TOP SECRET* feature.

RCRN v2.1b will be out during the next week!

I want also tell you that we just upgraded our SkyrimNexus page, and now we can recieve donations from kind users. So if you feel generous and you want to send us some bucks, you can do it via this link (Paypal secure).
Just to clarify, each $ sent will be used only for RCRN related activities, like paying webhost. We also planned the creation of a new, (and more community-friendly) official website, that will be online during the next weeks.
I also want to thank all our fellow users that left on our boards a lot of nice comments, thank you for all the love showed, RCRN is a community driven mod and users are our engine, we are proud to run a great and active community like this!

Thanks and Best Regards.
aLaaa, zoCks and RpgWizard


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