It’s a day of celebration! The first year of RCRN development has already come to pass!

To be completely honest, its very difficult for me to write this article because of the sentimental implications involved, but I am very proud to be able to write it! Throughout the course of these last 6 months, a good many famous mods died, or at the very least, ceased in support and development. But not us, not RCRN – it is still going, healthy as it were day one and solid as a rock!

It’s rather quite interesting how our work evolved during the months. The manner in which our little indie team improved its talents and skill day by day, and the way we managed to gradually bring our ideas to fruition and make them a reality. Some of you have been there every step of the way, and many of you stumbled across RCRN during your own Skyrim modding adventure. Either way, we are happy to have you!

Its important to me that you know that behind the RCRN project are some really great people. And i’m not modestly speaking of myself, but of the really amazing guys who have shared my vision. These guys who joined me in this adventure, giving so much of themselves and their unwavering dedication to the project. I speak not only of their technical prowess, but also the personal side of this partnership. Which has grown into friendships, which I’ve come to value above all else. It is the result of these strong bonds that makes the difference between having a good team and a great team, where everyone knows they can rely on each other and help make this formula work. What a fantastic opportunity this vast community has offered!

Having said all this, I’d now like to introduce you to the hard working guys at team RCRN.

RpgWizard: from Finland, was the first to join me in RCRN development back to January 2012, he’s our Art Director. If RCRN looks so realistic and near to that nordic feeling you should really thank him. His commitment to perfection is a true reflection of his dedication.
He’s spent thousands of hours in testing and developing the mod with me, and what he’s done is truly invaluable.
You may not see him frequently on the boards, but trust me when I say that his contributions are largely responsible for what makes our mod so pretty. He’s a true Wizard of the color palette, and has an feel for hues the same way a DJ does a turntable!

ZoCks: He joined me almost at the same time of RPGWizard, and similarly spent an impressive amount of hours in testing, developing and as Community Manager. If you were using RCRN since before version 3.0, you should easily remember him. He has always put much effort into helping all our users on the boards and is also responsible all the amazing videos of the old (but gold) RCRN v3.0! He’s really a good friend and I hope for his return soon from his little break!

PandoraX: From US, joined us back in May. He’s our current Community Manager. If you have a problem with RCRN and you ask for help, usually he’s the guy to solve your issue in just a couple of mins. If we have a such good customer support it’s thanks to him! He’s also involved in development (most of the bugs that each new version of RCRN solves are coming from his reports and hard work!) and in the website maintenance. He’s also become my ghost writer, to some degree. He has a talent of taking my ideas, and articulating them into a coherent format. (If you can read this article, again it’s thanks to Pandy!) I really can’t figure how I could run RCRN without his help! A genuinely nice and great guy!

MannyGT: A fellow Italian, who turns dreams into a fancy and playable feature. Quite possibly the best Creation Kit scripter on SkyrimNexus and also one of the most prolific authors. Odds are, you’re using at least one of his countless works
We are very lucky to have been able to collaborate with him. His efforts were detrimental in developing most of our recent kickass technologies – Volumetric Fog and Dynamic Interiors.
If RCRN is a feature step ahead, it’s thanks to his great scripts!

DaMs: A close friend of mine in real life and also the brillant dev behind our RCRN Customizer, if our GUI is so fancy it is beacuse he sacrificed sleep every night to work on it. He also developed some functions of our HDR code and our web-integration too!
fun fact: He doesn’t have Skyrim, nor has he ever played it.

aLaaa: Me- i’m just a Designer, an average Coder and i hope a good CEO!

Since the first release, just over a year ago, RCRN has been followed by 12 more versions. The latest of which, v3.6, released just a week ago! During RCRN‘s evolution, an impressive quantity of changes and additions have been applied, but the files were not the only changes. Our internal structure changed during this year too. When i started it was just me and my vision, simply trying to fix some hues with the goal of making Skyrim more realistic. Then the other guys joined me and we grew into a little modding team. Now during the last few months we changed again. We re-organized our indie team into a start-up setup, driven by developing technologies all the while maintaining our purpose to offer you great gamers the best game-immersion possible.

Our great community whose counts exceed 200’000 playing users, is our fuel and our motivation to keep the RCRN project running. We are both grateful and proud of our community, and have the utmost respect for every single user, not just as a number or a “potential endorser” but as a person. Because of this we truly value all the great feedback, and we always do our best to speak with every one of you. For the same reason we have put so much extra effort into offering the wide range of support, and documentation. It’s the idea of “community” that we thrive on, and always try to help those that are experiencing issues. At the end of the day, before devs we are Gamers too, so we can relate!

Of course we have expenses. Our webservers are not free – the bandwidth needed to serve our 20,000+ monthly users needs to be payed, and unfortunatelly user donations covers just a 10% of this fee. During the last year we covered these expenses on our own. But this cannot be done forever. We certainly don’t expect nor will we ever ask for donations from users, especially since these expenses are by our own choices. So at the end of last month we turned elsewhere for help, and someone replied!
Steelseries, one of leaders in manufacturing gaming peripherals decided to help and support our project! This probably makes RCRN one of the first modifications to partner with an external company! This is really big deal for us and maybe even more important for you! On our end, this is a testament to us, we are doing things in the right way and that we can keep doing so in a more relaxed environment. For our great supporters, this is significant, because we will not only keep developing and supporting RCRN, and we will continue to push it even further!

So currently, we are developing the Dawnguard full compatibility-addon! That should be released near the end of the week, so I really hope that you took advantage of the Steam sales early this week, and got the DLC when it was 50% off!

As for the “RCRN: Anniversary Edition”, we are still working on it too, but we will release more news about that matter in a stand-alone preview in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the reading/rambling! And again, as always, truly thank you for supporting us and joining our one year celebration!
Oh, and remember to take care of your Dovakhiin! Tamriel is an harsh world!

Best Regards




  1. December 3, 2012  3:38 pm by Anamaris Cruz

    Congratulations. I know how hard it can be to keep ANYTHING running for so long. I'm happy to hear about this strong team, and I wish you all the best. Here's looking forward to year two!

    • December 11, 2012  11:49 am by aLaaa

      Thank you! ♥
      We hope to be here also the next year!

  2. December 4, 2012  1:40 pm by ZoCKs

    Happy Birthday RCRN! I miss you guys!

    • December 11, 2012  11:51 am by aLaaa

      Zockyyy, we miss you toooo!

  3. December 8, 2012  9:33 pm by Menno555

    Congrats!! Just using RCRN for just 1 week now but for me the Number 1 mod!!!

    • December 11, 2012  11:55 am by aLaaa

      Thanks a lot! And even more thanks for your donation, it will help us to pay the next month server fee!

      • December 11, 2012  4:47 pm by Menno555

        Your welcome, it's well deserved! :)

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