RCRN AE Beta: 2.1.2 Stealth Update released.

We just released the first RCRN AE Beta Stealth update, marked as 2.1.2, this means that only the users who opted-in for the RCRN AE Beta before Build 2.1.1 will be eligible for receiving it, if you are eligible the RCRN Autoupdater will automatically prompt you the update dialog window. You can read more about Stealth releases here. In the current update we mostly revamped Customizer-related stuff and addressed a [...Read More!]


RCRN AE goes Final on November 30! Stealth Betas incoming!

UPDATE 01/12/2013: Anniversary Edition is now available! We are proud to announce that RCRN Anniversary Edition will be released as “final” version the next weekend. This date has been picked for a couple of reasons, first, on the next saturday RCRN turns 2 years old, so this release is also a great way to celebrate it. Secondly the Thanksgiving vacation will provide our (US based) users some more free time [...Read More!]


A Tale of Two EP #2 - Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective

During the last chapter, the story followed the point of view of Forgsmitt, the divinely appointed champion, or so he believes, as he braved the dragon attack at Helgen. Today we will explore a different view of the same facts! ~Zeq Chapter #2 Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective “Hey, you. Your finally awake.” The ashen skinned elf groggily rubbed his eyes as he silently retorted that, no, he had not [...Read More!]


RCRN hits 4K Endorsements on Nexus!

Hey guys! For those who have been following along might already know, RCRN continues forward under relentless development. There are a lot of REALLY cool things coming in the not too distant future, in which we’re very excited. We’ve continued a collaborative work effort with our friends at SweetFX, Crosire, and HiAlgo to spawn something to take your gaming experience even further! Anyways…the main purpose of this post was to [...Read More!]