A Tale of Two EP #1 - Helgen Omens: The Orc Perspective

Hello fellas! During the past weeks we welcomed aboard into our Dev Team: Zeq, as content manager for the RCRN website. Today, after several days of work we are happy to present a periodical (and community-driven) novel, which will guide you around Tamriel, we hope that it will be an entertaining read for our whole user base. I leave the rest to Zeq! Happy reading! ~aLaaa Hello and welcome to [...Read More!]


RCRN AE Beta: 2.1.1 Update released.

Today we released the 2.1.1 Hotfix for the ten days old 2.1.0 major Beta release, with 2.1.1 we are addressing some UAC related issues and some more stuff we overlooked during the the main 2.1.0 development, we also re-tuned the Dragonborn Ash weathers for our Pure preset. Another Hotfix (2.1.2) is planned for the next week, and will bring a revamp of the Dynamic Interiors scripts. Have a nice weekend! [...Read More!]


RCRN AE Beta 2.1 released, hands on!

Well… please allow us to say it with you, “Finally!” The day has arrived, after 8 months of work, over ten thousand lines of code, swears and tears, we are finally happy to go live with the largest part of the never-ending Anniversary Edition of RCRN. The AE Beta 2.1.0, carries heavy heritage with it, in that it’s version allocation “2.1”, which by true coincidence is shared by our first [...Read More!]


A look into the brand new HiAlgoSwitch!

Hello guys, today we wanted to make enthusiastic mention to the latest entry in the mod release list, by our friends at HiAlgoBoost, the Switch! HiAlgoSwitch is a new, and super-lightweight tool designed for switching Skyrim‘s resolution (but it is also compatible with many others games) from 100% to 50% and back, instantly and simply by clicking the middle mouse button. This tool is mainly designed for users with average/mid-range [...Read More!]