I’m really happy, RCRN is “selling” like hell on the Steam Workshop, and this is an incredible thing because we are one of the few mods that we can’t put all our *core* files in the Workshop due the folder limitation!

At the moment we are keeping the 1st place in 3 Steam charts from about 24h, in front of famous mods like SkyUI and Dovahkiin Hideout, this is really a big achievement!

In this particular post i want to thank especially the “old school” community, the people that have followed Realistic Colors and Real Nights from the very first releases on SkyrimNexus, your suggestions, your help, your critics and your friendship have been the most important thing that happened to me and to RCRN.
I’m really proud to have you as my playerbase.
In particular i want to thank: RPGWiZaRD, Imzo, Feowen, PatimPatam, AlexanicaMeiosis, spanian77, Warpy, FrozenAffairs, mitchhunter, Eriko, SLuckyD and many others…

I want also to say welcome to all the new users that are landing in our community from the Steam Workshop! Keep in mind that this is a very open community project, your suggestions (and also your complaints) count!
I’ll be happy to see you joining our discussion about the next release! (that will be out very soon ;) )

If you have missed RCRN, here are the links to the Steam Workshop: [Classic preset] [Legacy preset]

Stay tuned, next update will come soon! :D


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