The long awaited Realistic Colors and Real Nights v2.0 has been released a week ago in its full glory, with an huge changelog and with some new great features like the Dynamic DOF, the new Enhanched Weather System, Hybrid Shaders v2 and the Adaptive Lighting technology (if you haven’t grabbed it yet, here is the download a link!).

First I really want to say that RCRN v2.0 is not like all the previous versions, it’s more advanced, we modified a huge quantity of variables to offer a wider range of uniqueness and immersive weathers, like the revamped snow storms and the new foggy weather. To fully appreciate the beauty of the new version, you’ll have to play it for real, not just “test it”.

After having said this, I really want to thank the whole RCRN dev team that put all the energy into development and testing the new release, we are speaking about over 300 hours of development and about 250 only for beta-testing, probably no other mod out there can claim to have tested their own mod as much as we’ve done, this is because with each version we try to release a totally bug free software in order to not break your gameplay experience but to enhance it as much as possible, so guys I really want to thank RPGWiZaRD and ZoCks for all the help they provided to me and to this mod, they did not only beta-tested like hell and helped me to keep this mod on a really high level, but they also behaved as good friends. To me, this is the most important thing. I’m really glad to have them around and you guys should be the same, version 2.0 is also an achievement of theirs. Thanks RPG, thanks ZoCks!

Before finishing this note I want to drop some stats about RCRN v2.0:

7000 new active subscribers on the Steam Workshop during the past week
6000 new downloads from SkyrimNexus during the past week
4571 torches tested by ZoCks the Torchborn during developing
3000 new downloads from our official website during the past week
300 hours of development
250 hours of beta-testing
236 dragons harmed during the new lighting system development
100 new endorsements on SkyrimNexus during the past week
79 people claimed that their life changed after downloading RCRN
21 bottles of vodka drinked by RPGWiZaRD during beta testing
3 developers: aLaaa, RPGWiZaRD and ZoCks
2 official mascottes: Bob the Tree and Bill the Dragon, both used heavily in our savegames
1 loved project: Realistic Colors and Real Nights

This is really impressive data for me, and a really big achievement for the latest version.
I also want to thank all our users for all the support provided and for all the kind words that they dropped on our forums and comment boards, we also want to invite you to join our always onlivechat where we are happy to speak with you and share our thoughts!

Have a nice Skyrim experience.

Oh, I’m forgetting, I also suggest you to try out our official joke-mod! Have fun! ;)


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