After the two very big updates that we provided during the past months (v1.6 and v2.0) we took some time to make our mod a bit more stable, RCRN is always tested for a great amount of hours before each release (250 hours for v2.0) but happens that we miss something, this happens because Skyrim is an huge world and keeping track of everything with a small team like ours it’s not so easy. Anyway with the shining new VERSION 2.1 we fixed almost all the reported issues, and we have also added some enhancements like the new revamped dusks!

Here is the changelog:
- solved an issue regarding markarth interiors, especially affecting shrine of talos
- Windhelm is now using a NEW and brighter interior lighting setting
- solved a shadow flickering issue experienced in the player owned houses
- solved an issue regarding the blacksmith in whiterun that was using a too dark imagespace
- clouds on certain weathers now stand out more
- added a new look for certain dusks

Best Regards
The RCRN team (aLaaa, RPGWiZaRD & ZoCks)


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