Due to the issues we had during the past few days, I’ll be brief because i don’t want to postpone your gameplay much further. With that being said, I’ll mainly focus on revealing the more exciting features being introduced by our newest version!

Dynamic interiors 3.5 with sounds:

Previously in the RCRN 3, we introduced Dynamic Interiors as a concept idea. Something we feel is amazing but still a bit “rough around the edges“. In 3.5 we fully developed this idea into something that we’re confident is absolutely stunning!
We not only solved the heavy “adaptation” issue which occured after exiting a DI, but we also added a full DI management in order to correct the vanilla issue causing weathers to randomize after entering-exiting from a DI… What this means?

example 1:

Entering an inn while weather conditions outside are sunny and clear, the same sunny weather is reflected inside upon the interior architecture by way of windows and skylights. Exiting the inn will no longer trigger the vanilla random weather change, as the DIs will now maintain the same weather in a seemleass immersive transition.

So the weather is fixed and can not change while you are inside? False, the weather can change while you are inside a DI, but you can visibly see the change through any of the interior windows/holes. Once you go outside the same weather that you witnessed changing out the window will still be occuring! To further illustrate see this next example!

example 2:

Why adventure around 6pm? Go to your favourite inn, grab a chair and a beer and look at one of the most stunning dynamic dusks ever done in a videogame!

Yes, DI lighting is updated minute per minute, so you can stare at our amazing dusks, dawns and auroras by every indoor hole/window where DI is enabled, and interior lighting will dynamically adapt to match what’s occuring outside! Is this enough for this feature? No it is not, we are not done yet! Check this final example!

example 3:

You are adventuring at night during a heavy rainstorm when you finally found somewhere to dry off and… surprise, the intense thunder clapping your ears outside, still rumbles the dark lit interior briefly lit up by the intermittent illuminating flashes of lightning.

To further immerse this condition, the rain tapping the roof of the wooden structure can also be heard, in addition to the wind howling and whistling through the wooden shafts.

Anything else? Yes, and finally all this comes… without any performance hit!

Real Volumetric Fog:

When active, Volumetric Fog will be generated during foggy weathers aimed to add depthness to the fog it self. We merged the coding power of MannyGT with the design capabilities of the RCRN Team. The result of this are 3 different volumetric presets (OFF/DOF ONLY – SUBTLE – HEAVY) to accomodate your preferences!
HERE you can have a better look and comparison some screenshots!

RCRN Customizer:

This is our brand new GUI. We improved the previous version aided by all the great feedback and ideas we collected during these past months. For more information and getting started with it go to this dedicated post HERE!

These are the key features of RCRN 3.5, but there are many more additions and fixes that our dedicated team has done; you can veiw these in the FULL CHANGELOG located HERE!

We hope that you will enjoy the new version! And remember, we truly value your opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions. Your voice is important to us and who knows, your contributions may become a feature in the next version!

Happy playing!




  1. October 21, 2012  11:11 am by kerrigan778

    Just want to say thanks for what I'm sure was (and still is currently as far as I can tell) a very exciting launch. As a dedicated user and fan of RCRN I really appreciate how much work you've put into it (and how much sleep you've lost getting it all set up). Also wanted to half jokingly half seriously suggest that when it's all done with you should make a post detailing the full exciting adventure of launching RCRN 3.5, as I'm sure just from my limited outside perspective that it is quite the story.

    • October 21, 2012  11:40 am by aLaaa

      Thank you for the nice words! And yes this is definitely a nice suggestion, a lot of funny things occurred during RCRN 3.5 development and also during the launch... (for example the infamous Customizer catapult)! ahah, we will add a post covering this during the next few days!

  2. October 21, 2012  11:24 am by skoog54

    Thanks a lot guys for all the hardwork !
    Really looking forward to playing with the finished version.
    Quick question, Can I install this over the 3.5 beta and let it overwrite the old files?

    • October 21, 2012  11:43 am by aLaaa

      Theoretically you can! the only file that you need to delete from the beta is "skyrim cloudlut.dds" located into the \data\textures\sky folder!

  3. October 22, 2012  5:42 am by spartangrug

    Loving it guys. Especially the new configuration tool and access to tweak the advanced settings for ourselves. Marvelous!

    One question: Since installing, I've had overcast and foggy weather 24/7, even after fast travelling around the place. Is this a bug or am I just being paranoid?
    I'll keep playtesting to see how she goes. :)

    • October 22, 2012  10:53 am by aLaaa

      Thank you!
      Are you playing around Riften? That place is really foggy!

      • October 22, 2012  10:18 pm by spartangrug

        I visited most capital cities and roamed around the open world for a bit. After a few days it cleared up and it has been clear weather since. :)

  4. October 23, 2012  1:42 am by spartangrug

    I think something is playing up with the weather. It doesn't seem to change at all or very infrequently, Dawnguard's Soul Cairn is also showing as clear weather rather than the clouds which are supposed to be there. uninstalling fixed the issue.

    Any idea when this might be fixed? :)

    • October 23, 2012  7:47 am by aLaaa

      Weather works fine here, what mods are you using? Did you try with a clean savegame?

      Anyway RCRN for Dawnguard will be out in a month.

      • October 27, 2012  8:45 am by spartangrug

        A reinstall fixed all my woes. Damn does Skyrim shine very nicely now!

  5. October 29, 2012  3:31 pm by Fellucor

    I'm having a really annoying problem with RCRN 3.5 (love it when it works)...

    Every time I exit/enter a building/dungeon, everything relating to light/colors is way off. As an example; if I am indoors and exits to outdoors and it's a sunny day, the first 10 seconds shows like a murky dusk/night (sometimes the sun itself seems to be completely removed as a light source, resulting in everything being out of focus as well), then slowly over another 20 seconds the game transitions to the what is the actual light/color-setting (that are awesome). Sometimes the sun is removed permanently from the skybox and I have to fast-travel out to get things sorted. Same thing when entering a building from a light day, all colors are "cold" and even a fireplace gives off a white light.

    I'm guessing this is your eye adaptation that is acting up, since if I exit a dark dungeon to a sunny day I would be blinded - not as it is now that the whole world turns to night.

    I am not using any other light/ENB-mods or sunglare replacers.

    (I have reinstalled several times and tweaked both NVIDIA-panels and game-settings and it's still the same issues and only when RCRN is installed)

    • October 29, 2012  3:50 pm by aLaaa

      this shouldn't happen at all, are you keeping RCRN at the bottom of the load order? What Installation method did you use? In what locations happened?

      • October 29, 2012  4:23 pm by Fellucor

        Yes, at the bottom and with shader before volumetric. I used your autoinstaller and am running Legacy with no FXAA or Sharpening and Subtle fog. This happens every time I transition from indoors to outdoors and outdoors to indoors (though going outside is worst).

        I just went in to the game again to observe and it seems the light sources (the sun most notably) are not loaded straight away. When exiting dungeons/buildings just now the sun is simply not there at the start, so things are really dark.. then over a period of 30 seconds it gains in strength until the lighting is as it should be. Same thing in dungeons, only they start much lighter and get darker over 30 seconds.

        If i just load up a save outdoors or indoors everything is fine, so that's why I'm thinking it has to do with the eye transition or something else that affects the light when entering a new area?

        • October 29, 2012  4:45 pm by aLaaa

          no, it's simply something that shouldn't happen at all, can you try also with a new and clean savegame? Thank you!

          • October 29, 2012  6:46 pm by Fellucor

            Ok now I'm getting somewhere.. I tried a completely new game and it was the same bug. So I tried again and then it worked (?). So I have two "clean" saves, one works and one doesn't - and this is consistent if I move around and enter/exit stuff. So def linked to individual saves, though I can't find any reason why they would be different as i created them at the same time. I'll start over on the one that works and hope it keeps working, thanks!

          • October 29, 2012  6:57 pm by aLaaa

            this is quite nosense! We will try to figure why this is happening, according to your report seems that there is a probability that the savegame doesn't accept to store our data, really strange!

            Thank you very much for your report, keep us informed!

          • October 30, 2012  5:00 pm by Fellucor

            (can't reply to your comment below, so placing it here instead)

            Another update for you... The bug came back on my new /clean save that worked fine since yesterday. As I enter Breezehome after buying it, the interior was way to bright and with "white" light only, then slowly it reverted to very dark with the lights "muffled". When I exit Breezehome the whole world is dark again (24/7) and sometimes it gets back to the correct settings but just as often it just stays with all light sources gone (sun/no light from fires), causing everything to be out of focus.

            This happens 100% of the time when entering Breezehome for the first time, and then the issue stays no matter what I do. I load earlier saves and everything is fine, I can exit Inn's, shops, houses and the great hall with no issues, but as soon as I enter Breezehome the saves seem to get corrupted in some way.

            Just loaded some very old saves from chars that are made long before using your mod, and all saves that occurred before entering Breezehome work fine with your mod. I can't be sure that other interiors won't have the same effect since I haven't troubleshoot the whole world, but Breezehome is the one place that I know messes things up 100% of the time in my game.

          • October 30, 2012  6:23 pm by aLaaa

            Did you try the _Volrath_ workaround posted on our nexus comment board? (we will publish it as stand-alone news on the website in about an hour)

          • October 30, 2012  7:34 pm by Fellucor

            Well I'll be.. that worked, I've now successfully entered/exited Breezehome with all of my chars that were bugged and it works like a charm. :) Now I just have to decide which of my chars I'll use, seeing as they are all fixed. Thanks for your help, very quick on providing support!

  6. October 30, 2012  2:05 am by spartangrug

    Hi guys, loving the mod. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this little bug:

    When it is snowing outside, sometimes when I enter into an indoor area it is snowing inside as well. Seems rather odd.
    I'm using Legacy with FXAA & Sharpening, volumetric off.

    • October 30, 2012  10:02 am by aLaaa

      are you experiencing also the 30sec eye adaption when exiting/entering from a Dynamic Interiors?

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  8. November 22, 2012  8:47 pm by wodesss

    hello,aLaaa,I love the RCRN3.5,I use it with ENB,very nice effect:
    But one bug is:when i move to a new place in the building,it would become very very bright,overexposed:
    and this bug in RCRN3.6 is normal,but it is also not this exposure even effect,and the lamps on both sides does not exist(The red circle of position):
    I don't know how to fix the bug in RCRN3.5,If there is not the bug,it would be wonderful effect!
    my English is not good,Thank you for reading my question, look forward to your reply.

    • November 23, 2012  9:13 pm by aLaaa

      that lamps are not casting any light also in Vanilla! it's an issue with the Skyrim engine that doesn't allow many "real"lights into a single cell.
      If you upgrade to v3.6 no bugs will happen, we solved the Dynamic Interior issue that was occuring with 3.5!
      Is a bit hard for me tell if something is wrong or not in your sshots, because the ENB is altering the RCRN colors, so i'm just guessing about your problem!

      P.S.: sexy chars! :P

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