After 3 months of hard work and developing both on the Creation Kit and with the Injector files we are finally proud to release the long awaited RCRN 3!
The new version of Realistic Colors and Real Nights is a huge step forward in the RCRN development.
Most of the features are not “just an update” of what you have enjoyed with the previous version 2.1, everything is new!
The whole platform has been reworked in order to be not only more powerful but also lighter and more flexible.
This has been done in order to grant to you the best skyrim experience possible at a minimal fps hit.

The main features of RCRN 3 are:

  • Brand new HDR Code, RCRN has been totally rewritten around it
  • Dynamic Weather system, now with 4 different rain/snow storm intensity!
  • Brand new GUI panel, no more uninstallation needed for switching presets!
  • Dynamic Interiors, RCRN brings the real life lighting cycle to interiors!
  • Totally reworked Dungeon lighting!
  • Reduced the FPS drop via code optimization
  • …And much more… check the Changelog to read about all the changes!

Download availability:

Realistic Colors and Real Nights v3.0 is available on all platforms, you can download it from our SkyrimNexus page or from our official download page, if you are a Steam Workshop user please follow the information listed at the RCRN pages on the Workshop!

Have fun with RCRN 3! And remember to Endorse and Vote for us both on SkyrimNexus and Steam Workshop if you liked our work!

If you want you can also help us *for real* by sending us some dollars through our Donation page!


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