Greetings dovakhiins,
For starters, we wish to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support as RCRN endorsements surpassed 2000! That’s awesome!!

While 3.5 is progressively reaching its completion, we are still ironing out a few kinks. Since the final polishes and real life obligations prevent us from making an immediate release, we decided it appropriate to the 2K celebration, to involve you, the supporters, to take part in completing 3.5. We would like to give the RCRN faithful an opportunity to help us by sharing your much valued feedback prior to the final release.
With this being said, we are releasing to you a portion of 3.5, available as beta for 1 week, seeking to gain your feedback and comments, and of course, any bugs and issues you may find, for us to address prior to the final release.

This beta will only be avail in the PURE preset, and can only be found at the RCRN Beta page. In order to have access to the beta download, users must be registered to the RCRN Community website. Similarly, please post your comments relating to the beta version on the RCRN beta page to help us maintain separation of version discussion/questions/comments from the Nexus forum page.

This beta archive is only available for manual download and installation. (Installation instruction can be followed as listed for manual installation under the Starter Guide section) Prior to installing, users must completely remove previous version and all its contents. Beta version archive is the full mod, which includes RCRN custom injector and files, 3.5 beta ESP, and all textures files (including several new textures). The RCRN Customizer will not be included, since the beta is limited to the PURE preset only. However, the textures file will additionally contain the terrain files necessary for full compatibility with “A Quality World Map with Roads“! So, again, be sure to fully remove previous version and ensure that all contents of archive are installed to the Skyrim main directory and data folder, respectively.

The Beta DOES NOT include the completed 3.5 Dynamic Interiors or “the secret feature” mentioned in the preview article, so any bugs or issues experienced in DI locations should be disregarded. There is no need post any comments related. Otherwise, we highly encourage and welcome users to offer your constructive feedback.
That about sums it up! We are as excited about this as we are the 2000 endorsements, so have fun with it, share your thoughts, and most definitely – don’t forget to keep your trusty torch handy! ;)

Beta Download:

JOIN the RCRN 3.5 Beta!

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  1. August 27, 2012  3:27 am by JudgmentJay

    Hello... I've been using the 3.5 beta since you released it and while I love it, I do have one concern. After doing a fresh install of all my mods I noticed that the mountain clouds were very thin. I narrowed it down to the new RCRN beta, and I narrowed it down further to the new textures/sky/ texture.

    For comparison:
    RCRN 3.0.1:
    RCRN 3.5 Beta:
    RCRN 3.5 Beta without the skyrimcloudlut file:

    So I'm wondering what purpose this new texture serves. I tested in a number of different conditions and I couldn't find anything wrong with the old clouds. The newer thin clouds look pretty bad in my opinion, and they reveal too much of the crappy moutain LoD textures.

    Thanks for all the hard work, and I look forward to the final release!

    • August 27, 2012  8:34 am by aLaaa

      That is not a RCRN texture! It's probably coming from a different mod.

      • August 27, 2012  12:00 pm by JudgmentJay

        I'm fairly certain it's an RCRN texture as I'm looking at it right now in the folder. It's definitely in the 3.0.1 version as well.

        • August 27, 2012  10:37 pm by PandoraX357

          You are correct in saying they're in the archive (obviously, lol!)
          That may have been my mistake when putting the data files together for the beta. It was a texture we originally introduced while testing, intended to affect low level clouds, to work with the new sun and Sunglare textures. However, by end of adjusting the weather IDs, those textures essentially, and apparently became redundant. As your shots depict.
          That too, will be reviewed prior to 3.5 final version is released. Regardless, this was something that was overlooked by time beta went live, so thank you for pointing that out :)

  2. August 30, 2012  2:57 am by bitdman

    Since installing the beta my game freezes after about five minutes yet the game runs smooth and looks incredible. Is anyone else having this problem or maybe I need to start investigating which realy isn't a lot of fun.

    • August 30, 2012  7:51 am by aLaaa

      Did you already check your VRAM usage?

  3. August 30, 2012  5:28 pm by bitdman

    vram is around 1210 . I'm going to re-install and see if I can clean things up a bit

    • September 1, 2012  5:52 am by PandoraX357

      its an unlikely longshot depending on how far into the game you are, but double check your game save file size to ensure you're not experiencing bloated effects.

  4. September 1, 2012  11:11 am by varulv

    Oh dear, you made one girl very happy, just found out about 3.5! Was on vacation! :O Your mod is THE best, makes Skyrim absolutely beautiful looking.
    Two questions:
    1)Dawnguard 'compatible'? (forgive my ignorance, don't know how these things work)
    2)Approximate release date for 3.5? I CAN'T WAIT!

    • September 1, 2012  5:55 pm by skoog54

      from the user I2edShift (RCRN nexuspage)
      "The 3.5 beta is compatible with the DLC, it does not however, alter the imagespaces that the DLC has added to the game. So the effects in those areas won't be quite as refined as before.. I played through *some* of the DLC and didn't notice anything wrong. Just the post-processing effect doing it's intended job. So knock yourself out. "

  5. September 5, 2012  8:01 am by gwoody79

    The 3.5 beta is lookin really good, noticable improvement so for that I thank you and job well done RCRN team. Can't wait to see DI correction & secret feature...
    What I like most about 3.5 is the weather and its transitions. It's a smooth transition from rain to sun/sun to rain. Great transtitions and rainstorms look better with noticable variation. What actually stands out the most to me is the snowstorms. I realllly like the intensity and how visibilty is noticably reduced during the snowstorms. Immersion addition big-time there.
    One thing that I would have liked to see was lil more light/brightness emitting from interior light sources. I realize that the Pure preset is the Beta version and darkest so my wish is probably already granted in different preset offered in full release.
    All-in-all, excellent work RCRN team - 3.5 is a huge and noticable improvement and can't wait for full release because secret feature really has me guessing and eagerly anticipating what it could be.

  6. October 3, 2012  4:31 pm by jimhorton

    Will you include an injector? Laptop with Nvidia optimus doesn't do d3d9.dll.
    ENB's for instance, must have an injector. Otherwise, some people use a hex editor to change the exe.
    please help with this fix for us nvidia optimus users!!!

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