After about 3 months of hard work we are finally approaching the end.
Within the next few weeks, RCRN 3.5 will be released with all it’s gloriness!

Developement of version 3.0 had a high percentage of work mostly focused on the mod’s coding. During that period we revised the HDR, imagespaces, weathers management, and also added the fancy Dynamic Interiors.
The drawback to this focus was we unfortunately didn’t have enough time to calibrate everything to it’s fullest potential. Much of this was realized as we worked on several fixes for what was originally intended to be 3.1.

However, the further we progressed in addressing the issues, the great users of this community had been reporting, the more we discovered was in need of some diligent attention and rebalancing.

One of the more common reports was that Legacy as a whole was generally too dark. Especially in dungeons and interior, for those who prefer to adventure without the need of a trusty light source. While keeping with all the benefits and effects of RCRN, version 3.5‘s Legacy is brighter in all areas that were previously too dark.
The process of this correction gradually unfolded into what became a vast rebalancing of all three presets, particularly an improved balance to interiors and nighttime, and thus truly and fully adhering to the options RCRN has set out to offer you.


During development of this upcoming version (not to sound redundant) we wanted to ensure we adressed any and all issues that were present in the past version. Another such issue was the incompatibility with the great and handy mod A Quality World Map – With Roads, which is now fully compatible with v3.5.

Another frequent report resulted from several Dynamic Interiors issues which caused problems when exiting from a DI cell. This manifested as an unaturally dark transition to exteriors following a DI exit, which slowly brightened up to a normal level. After a tedious tango with the Creation Kit, we’re happy to announce this issue has also been corrected.
Addressing the several Dynamic Interiors issues inevitably lead to upgrading to DI version 2.0. This means there will be greater variety of interior lighting relative to the coinciding exterior weather, and also the introduction of a really incredible feature that we want to keep “confidential” for the release!

With the upcoming new and improved version 3.5, we pushed the boundaries and squeezed every ounce of performance and result out of the technologies, introduced in the past versions, to 120% of their potential.
We’re thrilled to offer you what we believe to be an incredibly dynamic and immersive playing experience; likely something that will inspire you to give Skyrim another playthrough, even if you already finished it!

In keeping with the pursuit of innovation and technological advancment, RCRN 3.5 will sport a brand new depth of darkness in addition to volumetric fog management. This feature, which took us several months to develop, grants a much more accurate nighttime atmosphere and simulation while also providing better response from torches and static lights.

Hue management was another area of attention for us. We revisited most of daytime imagespaces for more intricate tuning in order to perfectly compliment several changes introduced in past versions.
In doing so, we further managed to enhance dusks and dawns to their optimal presentations. We are pretty sure that your jaw will drop during one of these stunning sunrises/sunsets.


Along with this release, users can look foward to an upgraded RCRN Customizer. A common inquiry we’ve recieved by PM, were from users looking for different ways to change AA and/or sharpening effects. This upgrade will allow much more flexibility and provide simpler control over the settings without having to manually configure directory files.

This new version will not be an experimental version as is the existing v3.01 release. RCRN v3.5 will be rock-solid like the old and great v2.1!

We are confident, after Realistic Colors and Real Nights 3.5, Skyrim will never been the same!

And now… after the wall of text… more pics!




  1. August 2, 2012  1:37 pm by skoog54

    Fantastic work, really looking forward to this release. I've ben using this mod since 1.6 and really love the the way it makes skyrim look.

  2. August 3, 2012  6:02 pm by Fvash

    ¡Exciting update, thanks guys!

    "...and also the introduction of a really incredible feature that we want to keep “confidential” for the release!"


  3. August 3, 2012  7:02 pm by bitdman

    Maybe I missed something, but will I need to start a new game for this and will the release of dawnguard delay the release. I'm so looking forward to this. I can't hardly sit still.
    I'm waiting,waiting, waiting.

  4. September 10, 2012  1:48 pm by bitdman

    Still, Waiting, waitng waiting!

  5. October 3, 2012  1:55 pm by jimhorton

    But dear RCRN sirs/madams,
    Will you include an injector version? I (as do others) run an NVIDIA optimus laptop (the laptop config seems to be the issue) and it WILL NOT run something off a d3d9.dll. For instance: enb's - forget it. It needs an injector. Some people do a work around by editing the dll file with a hex editor, so either releasing something like this or an injector would do the trick. Otherwise, I won't be enjoying vers. 3.5's goodness either.

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