Hey guys,
During the process of creating the Hotfix for v3.5, we decided to address a few other issues while further increasing the stability of all RCRN features introduced in the past release.
The new version called 3.6 will contain several minor fixes, but more significantly a change to the RCRN esp file structure (RCRN in v3.6 will use 3 .esp files instead of the 2 used in v3.5).

The highlight fixes include full compatibility for NVIDIA Optimus based laptops, and the official fix for the extended DI fading/adaptation (Volrath workaround is no longer necessary).

RCRN 3.6 is planned for release sometime in the next 48 hours after all files are recompiled and uploaded.

Full Changelog:

- changed dof in the top tier snow storm to reduce blurriness
- top tier snow storms are now using more snowflake variety
- increased weather fading times (smoother weather transitions)
- fixed the 30sec Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue *volrath workaround no longer needed
- steam workshop users will now get a message displayed in the top left corner if their version of RCRN is outdated
- autouninstaller will now properly remove the RCRNvolumetric.esp
- finetuned contrast value for several cloudy ids
- whiterun region now uses more weather variety
- winterhold region now uses more weather variety
- snowy regions now uses more weather variety (change added on 16/11/12)
- mountain regions now uses more weather variety (change added on 16/11/12)
- reduced occurrence probability of toptier snowstorms
- DI now properly detect the regional weather
- reduced the sun-glare size for several clear ids
- tweaked hues of the torch-generated shadows (change added on 16/11/12)
- wind is now simulated correctly during snow storms (change added on 16/11/12)
- wind is now simulated correctly during rain storms (change added on 16/11/12)
- VGA with Optimus technology are now supported by RCRN

Thank you for all the great feedback and continued support!
RCRN dev team

*** 16/11/2012 update ***
Sorry for the little delay, the 30sec fading problem we encountered was quite nasty and related to a Creation Kit limit, so the development of a working solution to properly fix it took us a while. Thanks to the better solution we found, the “file structure changes” are no longer needed, and we will stick with our two .esp files (RCRNshaders.esp + RCRNvolumetric.esp) setup introduced in v3.5.
We also updated this post with the final changelog, the changes marked in green are the new ones!

*** 17/11/2012 update ***
RCRN 3.6 is now available for download from SkyrimNexus and RCRNCommunity, the Steam Workshop Version is not yet available and will be released during the next 12 hours.

*** 18/11/2012 update ***
RCRN 3.6 for Steam Workshop is NOW AVAILABLE! The three presets can be viewed and subscribed HERE!
In order to correctly upgrade from a previous version please remember to re-download the RCRN Core-Files from SkyrimNexus or RCRNcommunity!




  1. November 17, 2012  8:52 pm by Aru98

    I've got laptop (Dell Xps L702x). Skyrim usually use my NVidia card, but when I install RCRN 3.6 Skyrim use my intel graphic card instead of nvidia how can I fix it

    • November 17, 2012  9:08 pm by aLaaa

      Hello, you need to apply the Optimus Fix, you can download it from our SkyrimNexus page or from RCRNcommunity, in both cases located under "optional files"!

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