After the typical series of RCRN delays and tentative releases, the once planned 3.51 Hotfix evolved to update version 3.6 is finally LIVE!

Highlighted by Nvidia Optimus compatibility, 3.6 covers some minor tweaks and fixes, as outlined in Changelog, but also notably includes the addressing of Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue some users were plagued by.
We’re additionally pleased with the improvement changes made to snowstorms, and directional wind corrections occurring in both rain and snow storms. Be sure to dress appropriately! :P

RCRN v3.6 is now available for Standard installs via autoinstaller as well as manual on the Nexus and as with all RCRN downloads on our official download page. If you are a Workshop user, you can find all the three presets HERE!

As always, we very grateful for the ongoing support and great feedback – keep it coming! and of course: Happy Adventures to all you Dovakhin out there!

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