Hello guys, some months have passed since the latest v3.6 of RCRN went live. During which we saw Xmas pass as we hit the new year. Throughout this time we never ceased developing and testing, and you will be soon able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

So to speak. The new upcoming version, RCRN Anniversary Edition, has really grown beyond our expectations. If you’ve been using RCRN since prior builds, you may already know how extensive the new versions tend to be, but damn! This time, we crammed RCRN to it’s britches! Chalk full of ideas, with the challenge to implement.
RCRN AE will be roughly 3 times larger, relative to features, and quite extensive compared to the previous v3.6.

The AE release will introduce an abundance of new elements, here are the main features:

HD & Ultra HD snow Textures:

Yes, we took note of your complaints about the low res snow textures packed with the previous versions of RCRN. As you know, these were provided to minimize the blinding snow reflection during sunny days. With the same intent, AE includes totally brand new snow textures, which have been based on original handtaken photos from Finland (thank you Andreas), and then adapted & reworked for the Skyrim usage! They will be available in 2 different versions, HD (2048) and Ultra HD (4096). The old ones will still remain available for owners of low spec rigs!

DLC support:

Finally! We know, we know.. apologies for the delay. RCRN AE will be compatible with both Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
This is not just a “compatibility patch” Since most of the RCRN elements are handmade, the entire DLCs lighting, weather managment and every single RCRN feature had to been redone by scratch and will be unique to the new locations you are going to explore.

RCRN AE Customizer:

Now here is the pinnacle of AE, the new and greatly improved 3rd version of the Customizer. Sure to be your handy companion, it will help you in managing every single aspect of RCRN and Skyrim. It’s predocessor of the old 3.6 Customizer, has been redone from the foundation. We also wiped the drawing board clean before starting this one.
The new customizer, has been developed with an eye on the next gen technology, and here are some of the awesome key features:

Antialiasing: You will be able to quickly switch between the the new SMAA Antialiasing method and our old, but gold, FXAA!

Full Customization: Tweaking RCRN values in the past was quite a boring and tedious process. Especially considering the necessary manual procedure. These steps are no longer necessary! All RCRN injector options, like saturation, gamma and all the rest will be available directly through the Customizer UI!

Smart Assistant: Using mods, like ENB or HiAlgo, containing their own d3d9.dll files, require configuration to run .dll proxy. This redundant process is no longer needed, thanks to this new feature. The RCRN Customizer will now handle everything, and will configure the whole “injection chain” on its own. You only need to select what you wish to use! No more hassle!

ENB Fast Loader: Do you wonder what ENB presets compliment RCRN settings, but you are too lazy to search for them over Nexus? No more boring searching and messy manual file copying. Using a handy dropdown menu, the new Customizer will let you easily choose from between a list of RCRN compatible ENB presets. Simply Pick & Play! Easy enough?

Global Import/Global Export: Your friend found a great combo of injectors and settings. With the new Customizer, he can share it with you with a simple mouse-click. The “global export” button will backup and .zip archive the Customizer settings and injector chain combination! The “global import” button will allow you to upload and unpack such exported archives directly it into your Customizer automatically! It’s time to share!

Katapult Cloud: The Customizer will be able to store your RCRN data, such as your own customized settings and your screenshots, over the RCRN Katapult Cloud Storage.

More Languages: The Customizer will let you pick the localized version of the RCRN .esp files. No more in-game text in english if you are using Skyrim in a different language!

Katapult Autoupdating: You have no longer need to check manually for updates. The Customizer will provide all the updates you may need on its own, you only have to launch it!

Doubled Weathers:

Weather variety has always played a very important role in the immersion feeling, so we really want to push it further. Since every single handmade RCRN weather is unique and creating it takes about 24 hours of work (because every aspect has to be perfect!) we can’t promise you millions of new weathers. What we are currently able to provide is an alternate version for every current ingame weather. So basically we are doubling the weathers pool. In numbers, this means moving from the currently used 101 weathers to 202, a quite huge change!

Realistic Clouds:

This is a long time planned feature that we finally want to release, clouds are the main distinction between different weathers and they help a lot in giving to each weather an unique and stunning look, with Realistic Clouds we will bring to you a full range clouds overhaul, and no we are not just grabbing stuff froom google; as we did for our HD Snow Textures each single new cloud layer will be sampled by a real life cloud pattern, everything will be exclusive for RCRN and handtaken by our Finnish staff!

The Old World:

We obviously didn’t neglect vanilla Skyrim. We will provide tons of little tweaks and bugfixes, mostly to Dynamic Interiors and to our DOF system.
Some adjusting and updates have also been performed to our injector files.
We also heard the repetition of issues surrounding the weather occurrence problem, particularly for those of you using a lower than default timescale value.
Although this issue is not directly caused by RCRN, but moreso an issue within the vanilla engine. We developed a fairly interesting solution! The RCRN AE Customizer will additionally introduce a 4 way slider which will let you choose your favorite ratio of weather changes. You will have a selection of values between 2h-4h-6h-8h. The resulting weather changes will use an algorythm to check if the change should occur or not! Sorry, but we don’t like scheduled things!

So that is the sum of things to come in the long awaited, and “slightly” overdue Anniversary Edition of RCRN. We are really excited about this one. Granted, thats pretty much always the case with each new version, but particularly with the Customizer, this is a different type of update. (If you even want to call it that ;P)

As previously posted in the Forums, AE will go live over a series of Beta stages, so follow along, and keep the feedback flowing.
We appreciate everyones patience and enthusiasm for the AE, and anxious to hear your responses as each stage passes. Enough rambling for now, you’ve got the idea.

If you are wondering about why there aren’t fancy pics in, the answer is because we are posting them weekly into our RCRN AE Sneak Peek thread located over our Forums, so remember to keep an eye on it and also to drop us your suggestions!

Tamriel awaits you Dova!

your RCRN Staff.




  1. February 18, 2013  7:32 pm by LogicalBrick

    Hey, when can we expect an update? The looksof skyrim are a really big deal to me, like, not play it if it looks bad big deal, so i waswondering...

    When do we get a beta? mehbeh a secret relaese fir specil ppl

    • February 20, 2013  10:55 am by aLaaa

      The first stage of the AE Beta will be live this weekend! :P

      • February 21, 2013  6:23 am by LogicalBrick

        Awesome! Now will this include dragonborn and dawnguard areas? And could you maybe release it... say.. friday :p


      • February 23, 2013  6:17 am by LogicalBrick

        Beta release time? Its the weekend now im gunna install skyrim tomorrow will it be out by then?

        • February 23, 2013  7:42 pm by aLaaa

          Will be out tonight, as soon as we finish the debug of the new installer!

  2. February 20, 2013  7:54 pm by Fvash

    We're lucky to have you guys, making our Skyrims more and more awesome!

    Hang in there! Keep it up!

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  4. February 27, 2013  3:48 pm by Oleg Chebeneev

    Ive been using RCRN for a long time and cant wait to try AE. New features look awesome. Maybe you could share some screenshots of new weathers, snow and effects?

  5. March 19, 2013  5:49 am by moonmire

    I LOVE U RCRN Staff!!!!!

  6. June 24, 2013  2:06 pm by rodvaliati

    I loved the Smart Assistant and ENB Fast Loader features. Using Enb with RCRN is a pain in the ass. Not anymore !

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