Today we released the 2.1.1 Hotfix for the ten days old 2.1.0 major Beta release, with 2.1.1 we are addressing some UAC related issues and some more stuff we overlooked during the the main 2.1.0 development, we also re-tuned the Dragonborn Ash weathers for our Pure preset. Another Hotfix (2.1.2) is planned for the next week, and will bring a revamp of the Dynamic Interiors scripts.
Have a nice weekend!

RCRN AE Beta 2.1.1 Download available here:

RCRN AE Beta 2.1.1 Discussion thread available here:


Build 2.1.1:
- FIXED: fixed the UAC issues during installation (the UAC yes/no window shouldn’t show up anymore).
- FIXED: fixed the UAC issues with the Customizer drag & drop.
- FIXED: fixed an issue which was causing a wrong version number to be displayed during installation.
- CHANGED: added a better version check for the .NET Framework.
- CHANGED: Dragonoborn Pure plugin fixes:
+ reworked weather tonemaps.
+ fixed an issue with the horizon clouds (ash weathers only).
+ reduced daytime contrast by 18% (ash weathers only).
+ slightly raised daytime brightness (ash weathers only).
+ slightly raised daytime sun lighting scale (ash weathers only).

It would also be a good idea to add screenshots of Dawnguard weather (obviously just the Soul Cairn) and Dragonborn weather into the installer.(y’know, when you’ve checked all the options and stuff and waiting for it to install)


Hi! I just installed the RCRN BETA Build 2.1.0. Haven’t gotten to test it in game yet, but i’ve noticed a small issue with the installer. Your registry value that should point to the display icon is pointing to a “E:\PHOTOSHOPZZZ\realisticolors skyrim\64icon_uninstall.ico”, which prevents an icon from appearing in the add/remove programs entry. This is totally negligible though, but i just thought i’d point it out. Great job on the installer btw, seems really clean overall.
I’ll report any further issues that i might encounter after testing it in game.