We just released the first RCRN AE Beta Stealth update, marked as 2.1.2, this means that only the users who opted-in for the RCRN AE Beta before Build 2.1.1 will be eligible for receiving it, if you are eligible the RCRN Autoupdater will automatically prompt you the update dialog window. You can read more about Stealth releases here.

In the current update we mostly revamped Customizer-related stuff and addressed a couple of issues. Another Stealth release should show up before Friday.

RCRN AE Beta 2.1.2 Discussion thread available here: http://www.rcrncommunity.com/forums/rcrn-beta/rcrn-ae-beta-build-2-1-2-out-now


Build 2.1.2:

- NEW: RCRN Customizer tooltip (get quick hints when overing question marks or options).
- NEW: RCRN Customizer Advanced Settings, by clicking it opens a new window, with the following Options:
+ Open Skyrim.ini.
+ Open SkyrimPrefs.ini.
+ Open RCRN Shaders .ini.
+ Launch RCRN Updater.
+ Launch RCRN Updater at Windows startup (tickbox).
+ Restore RCRN default settings (resets all sliders).

- CHANGED: RCRN Customizer changes:
+ reworked several graphical elements.
+ Customizer now auto-minimize itself when you launch Skyrim through it.
+ version number is now clickable, and redirects to the Changelog.

- FIXED: RCRN Customizer fixes:
+ solved several memory leaks, improved responsivity.
+ version number is now correctly displayed within the Customizer.

- CHANGED: RCRN AutoInstaller:
+ Streamlined the installation process, removed the component selector.
+ Removed the “Launch RCRN Updater at Windows startup” tickbox and relocated within the Customizer (Advanced Settings).
+ version number is now clickable, and redirects to the Changelog.

- FIXED: solved an RCRN Updater issue causing the 0.0.0 version number bug.
- FIXED: solved a Skyrim Dragonborn vanilla bug causing the Apocrypha weather to follow the player after ending certain main storyline quests (IE: “The Temple of Miraak”).


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  1. November 28, 2013  12:55 pm by rodvaliati

    Guys, RCRN is unbelivable ! For the first time I´ve abandoned ENB definetly because RCRN do almost everything better and very light. Any chance of have sunrays link ENB in future updates ? I only missing that feature of ENB.

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