Hello guys, over the past several days we have upgraded the RCRN Community website in order to enhance performance, as well as better loading times and page sizes.

We’re also very pleased to say the site has been moved to a more stable server, which will address the stability issues we had experienced throughout the past weeks. Such occasions were certainly as frustrating for us as they may have been for you, and we’re confident you will find this move results in a better and faster navigation experience. We have additionally further upgraded the site security both for us and for our users!

We would also like to point out the completion our technologies area, which is a nice resource to discover about all the features of RCRN, so be sure to give them a look!

We will continue improving our web services in preparation for the release of RCRN 3.5. During the next several days we will also be upgrading the SkyrimNexus description page. It will be improved with up to date information, in addition to full integration with the RCRN website.

Lastly, as our beloved PandoraX357 mentioned several posts back, a preview article of the upcoming v3.5 is on the way, so stay tuned!


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