Hello fellow RCRN users, if you are wondering why we’ve seemed a bit “quiet” lately, it’s just because of the abundance of things we have going on currently, and a massive “to-do” list. Much of our attention has been on the technical aspects of our software, but also we’ve enthusiastically been pursuing efforts to on turning our little Indie Team into a effective startup.

This step is essential at this point of RCRN‘s life, as we cannot progress at this rate without a company-like internal organization.
With this ambition in mind, I recently traveled from Italy to “Silicon ValleySan Francisco for a series of meetings, and I have to admit, I was quite pleased by the number of people already familiar with RCRN! It’s rewarding to know how great a fanbase we have! <3

We also met with our good friends (and great devs) of HiAlgoBoost, who are also following a company model quite similar to ours. We are now working on an agreement to share the new framework we designed for our upcoming and long awaited Customizer software!

aLaaa (RCRN) & Eugene (HiAlgoBoost)

Speaking of the relevant technical issue, we are currently finalizing the Customizer mechanics, now that it has reached is final form and layout. We are also working to add some “last minute” features (such as a function to auto-fix/sort the RCRN .esp order and position in the Skyrim load-order) which we really wanted to include before the final wrapping.

As for the SMAA implementation, we are working on that as well. We already completed our first round of internal tests, which went great, but work to integrate continues, because we additionally wanted to revamp parts of our “core”.
So we will likely throw out an update for the RCRN Injector (which will include SMAA) once our technical staff completes it.

Thanks to several kind donations, (I especially want to thank you, Laura!) we now managed to speed up development for RCRN – Dragonborn DLC compatibility, and plan to release it along with the new Customizer software, during the coming weeks.
If the Beta testing of both goes well, as we hope, the following week we will release it also over SkyrimNexus, and our old but gold v3.6 will be considered finally decayed!

Lastly, regarding the expansion of RCRN, I can confirm that we will enlarge the scope of RCRN to cover at least 3 more games before the end of 2013, this will include also some new additional new web-side services and maybe more!

One Customizer to rule them all, one Installer to set everything up;
One Community Forum to bring them all and in the darkness support them.

Thank you for following us fellow RCRNers! We are working for you!
~ Your RCRN Dev Team.




  1. July 16, 2013  9:34 pm by Tourist

    Sweet! I hope it all works out for you guys. :)

  2. August 2, 2013  9:19 pm by Fvash

    Keep it up guys!
    I will follow and give support till the end of time! :D

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