Hey guys! For those who have been following along might already know, RCRN continues forward under relentless development. There are a lot of REALLY cool things coming in the not too distant future, in which we’re very excited. We’ve continued a collaborative work effort with our friends at SweetFX, Crosire, and HiAlgo to spawn something to take your gaming experience even further!

Anyways…the main purpose of this post was to take a moment to give mention to the RCRN Nexus Endorsement count surpassing 4K! Compared to some of the other numbers, 4K doesn’t seem too significant, but for all of us at RCRN, 4K is certainly exciting. So to everyone who threw us the “thumbs up“, our most sincere thank you!

I of course cannot complete this with my perpetual “Stay Tuned“, but hopefully my first comments here spoke to such sentiment.
Enjoy the scenery and happy hunting Dova! Talk to you soon!





  1. November 24, 2013  1:31 pm by GSKR

    Good news and in my opinion endorsement in tesnexus is not an accurate criteria for the value of mods, it's just an index of popularity related to a site. More interesting is the community using every mod which is diverse from mod to mod. Thanks for all the awesome work and waiting for the next updates.

    • November 24, 2013  8:19 pm by aLaaa

      I totally agree, the Workshop ranking system is way better, personally i'm pushing for having a proper ranking system on Nexus since an year, without any result. It's no-sense consider just endorsements, imho at least a basic ratio based on unique downloads should be used, something like UniqueDownloads/Endorsements = rank.


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