First, I’d like to thank you all, the community, for all your support. Together we make a good team, I love hearing your suggestions and I think the main ingredient of a successful mod is an alive and active community. To achieve this we are not only working on the mod but also on the linked services, in order to offer you the best possible experience. In the last few days we added the multilanguage extended documentation, the FAQs and VGA guides but also revamped the mod page on SkyrimNexus in order to keep it really easy to use and quick to read. We have also planned some other “communityfeatures that will be activated during the next few days, a dev-blog to keep you updated on what we are doing and a live-help/community-chat for helping newcomers and simply let it serve as common place where the community can unite and chat! (the comments board on Nexus isn’t the best place to “chat” with other users :D ).

Obviously we are also working on the next release of RCRN, these days we’ve been working on 2 new presets that will be released as “open-beta” during the next few days, an “extra-dark” preset that will feature a really dark and scary night and a “greenland” preset with a slightly different palette with more vivid colors while keeping the cold and harsh Skyrim climate, as usual don’t expect something like ENB-WorldofWarcraft from us!

New version will also feature an update to Hybrid Shaders for both the Classic and Legacy presets in order to achieve a better daytime blending with dusk and dawn.
We will also add a bit of blue tone to the skybox, that at the moment looks a bit too washed out!

At this time we didn’t decide on any release date yet, we will probably decide that sometimes after Tuesday when the CK will finally be released!

Thanks again for your support! All comments/suggestions are welcome!

Best regards,


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