Heya! Good news for all of our users which are using RCRN through the Steam Workshop, Valve finally decided to offer devs a proper off-Workshop image implementation for mod pages.

As of this upgrade, we reworked all of our Workshop pages by designing a layout tailored to the needs of our Workshop users. We focused on user usability, and tried to keep it simple and clean, while briefly explaining RCRN, how it works, and how to handle RCRN updates via the Workshop.
We also properly integrated the new layout with our “on Website” features, such as the Support Help Center. So now, end-users should find it much easier to jump between resources and ask for help if needed.

The new layout can be checked out at our Workshop “presets” pages located here: Pure - Classic - Legacy

We hope this is a good step forward for offering better customer support to our Workshop Dovahkiins, and we will continue looking for ways to expand and improve it according to all future feedback!

If you enjoyed the effort we put in reworking our Workshop pages, please be kind and motivate our Team by dropping us a positive rate on the presets pages!

Have a safe day in Tamriel!
~ Your RCRN Dev Team.


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