Seeing as its Halloween week, why not mix things up a bit and recreate that spooky, creepy, or even scary theme into your Skyrim for a week!
In that vein, we though it’d be fun today to present you a ‘lil guide with a few mods that mostly fit the Halloween theme while also greatly enhancing the immersion and the survial aspect of Skyrim.

So give a look at our suggestions and prepare your self for a quite different sort of adventure!

A creepy new start!

Considering this idea is for a several day escape from the Skyrim grind, the boring vanilla start for new chars doesnt fit the scary nature of this adventure. Lets add some spice to your upcoming adventures by using one of these two alternate start mods!

Alternate Start – Live Another Life
it gives you a lot of possibilities to chose from… but ignore them and be a real man! Select the random entry!

Random Alternate Start
It randomly selects your starting location from 463+ locations, old tombs, vampire lairs and undead crypts are included! Allow fate to choose this path.

Someone said atmosphere?

Can’t be halloween without properly dark nights, hazardous weathers and the flickering candle!

RCRN v3.5 – Your AllinOne Lighting and Immersion mod
Our foggy weather with volumetric fog is ready to follow your new character into his adventures! And also in this case… be a men, use the Pure preset! (if you are experiencing issues with our Dynamic Interiors, remember to apply this fix)

Lanterns of Skyrim
Someone said candles? For sure Lanterns are better, and also every Horror film has some lanterns in it, so yours obviously needs one too!

You can’t escape from cold!

Give the final touch to the RCRN weather system and also make the cold lands of Skyrim a real iced hell!

Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival
We are going all out here, so select Frostfall’s “hardcore” preset! Campfires, tents, fast travel disabled, and frigid water that can kill you… Seems enough!

The Halloween touch!

It’s halloween time, so some themed mods are needed!

Halloween In Solitude – Lots of Pumpkins
We need to celebrate… so here are the pumpkins! Mustn’t foret Jack O’lantern!

Pumpkin Spice
If Solitude filled by pumpkins was not enough? Craft your very own Pumpkin-helmet and wear it like a true Nord!

And where is the blood?

We need a lot of it! Can’t be Halloween without tons of random blood! These mods have definitely made their mark, but we’ll mention them nonetheless. Here are two of those nice mods, select only one!

Crimson Tide – Blood

Enhanced Blood Textures

Bored of the same storyline?

Give a look at something fresh, we have demons and such for you!

The Oblivion Realms Serie – The Gate of Solitude

The Oblivion Realms Serie – Morthal Pain

This are the first 2 episodes of the MannyGt new questline set in the Oblivion! Scary and bloody, as we like it! (be sure to play it with an experienced character, even then this may kill you quickly!)

That’s all guys! Just remember to play with Skyrim set to Hardcore difficult and without the fast-travel! And don’t even reload a save if you die! that’s the funniest part, let us know how far your new character survives or how they died! Especially on Halloween We all love scary stories!

Happy Halloween adventures!


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