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At this moment (and for about 10 more hours) both Skyrim and the Dawnguard DLC are discounted 50% off at the Steam store! Without a doubt, a great opportunity to grab, for those who haven’t done so already!

With that in mind, and RCRN Dawnguard compatibility: RCRN is actually already about 85% compatible, with only a few minor things that need addressed. That being said, we are planning a small compatibility patch to hotfix any remaining incompatibilities to allow all of you to play this combination in its full glory! This patch is now currently under development, aimed with a projected release date of November 28. Coinciding with the one year birthday celebration of RCRN! (yes, its already been a whole year!)

Continuing in that vein, the RCRN AE (Anniversary Edition), initially scheduled for this 11/28 date, obviously will be posponed to December. This is largely due to the ninja-development of the latest v3.6, which so quickly followed the v3.5 release.
This rapid turnaround certainly exhausted some of the resources and energy we intended for a proper RCRN AE development and to continue our unwavering focus of offering you great users the highest quality product we create! Stay tuned!


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