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About Realistic Colors and Real Nights:

RCRN is a total lighting and shaders revamp which grants you an immersive gameplay experience without ruining the original feeling. Finely tuned for indoor and outdoor scenes, it also provides an incredible dynamic experience, lighting sources, weathers, and dynamically generated HDR managed with our Hybrid Shaders engine!
This mod uses the power behind our .esp along with our custom Injector to generate a new and realistic color palette and an enhanced night-time.
The FPS drop is minimal. Worst case scenario, only in certain locations, maybe a mere 10% fps hit!

Realistic Colors and Real Nights has been developed during over 1500 hours of programming and testing both in Creation Kit and on our custom Injector.
The mod uses our own developed technologies in order to enhanche your Skyrim experience in an ultra-realistic way. The latest technology combined with the latest version 3.0 create our Dynamic Interiors, in which RCRN brings a real life time cycle to 30 evocative selected places around Skyrim. This means based on the quantity of windows around, interiors lighting is done in relation with the exterior weather. This system allows you, for example, to look at Auroras through windows if the Aurora is occuring outside!

You can discover more about Dynamic Interiors and all our Technologies by clicking on the icons below: