RCRN Devblog #1: Choo choo what's going on?

Hello fellow RCRN users, if you are wondering why we’ve seemed a bit “quiet” lately, it’s just because of the abundance of things we have going on currently, and a massive “to-do” list. Much of our attention has been on the technical aspects of our software, but also we’ve enthusiastically been pursuing efforts to on turning our little Indie Team into a effective startup. This step is essential at this [...Read More!]


RCRN for Workshop: new page layout and more!

Heya! Good news for all of our users which are using RCRN through the Steam Workshop, Valve finally decided to offer devs a proper off-Workshop image implementation for mod pages. As of this upgrade, we reworked all of our Workshop pages by designing a layout tailored to the needs of our Workshop users. We focused on user usability, and tried to keep it simple and clean, while briefly explaining RCRN, [...Read More!]


RCRN Anniversary Edition: Lights on!

Hello guys, some months have passed since the latest v3.6 of RCRN went live. During which we saw Xmas pass as we hit the new year. Throughout this time we never ceased developing and testing, and you will be soon able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So to speak. The new upcoming version, RCRN Anniversary Edition, has really grown beyond our expectations. If you’ve been using RCRN since [...Read More!]


RCRN Landscapes! Amazing screenshots!

Today we took a little break from coding at the office, kept the Creation Kit closed and decided to check out how far the Skyrim engine could be pushed until either our test rig blew up or Skyrim started its infinite series of crashes to desktop. We removed the dust from our .ini tweaks, pushed the settings of our GTX580 to their limit, via the driver panel and we added [...Read More!]


RCRN 3.6 is now up for download!

After the typical series of RCRN delays and tentative releases, the once planned 3.51 Hotfix evolved to update version 3.6 is finally LIVE! Highlighted by Nvidia Optimus compatibility, 3.6 covers some minor tweaks and fixes, as outlined in Changelog, but also notably includes the addressing of Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue some users were plagued by. We’re additionally pleased with the improvement changes made to snowstorms, and directional wind corrections occurring [...Read More!]


RCRN v3.6 is coming in the next hours!

Hey guys, During the process of creating the Hotfix for v3.5, we decided to address a few other issues while further increasing the stability of all RCRN features introduced in the past release. The new version called 3.6 will contain several minor fixes, but more significantly a change to the RCRN esp file structure (RCRN in v3.6 will use 3 .esp files instead of the 2 used in v3.5). The [...Read More!]