RCRN AE Landscapes! Cool screenshots inside!

Now that a heavy portion of RCRN AE is live, we are content to take some time to wander lands of Skyrim and actually enjoy the game and the gameplay. In the past we have taken our spells and blades to Tamriel in the same fashion, all while ensuring to stop for some eye-catching screenshots. Considering you guys seemed to enjoy the shots last time, we figure; why not keep [...Read More!]


RCRN AE goes Final, available now!

So… Just over 2 months ago, RCRN AE Beta 2.1 went live. The significance of this update was the enthusiastic introduction the all new Customizer. That was however, just one of many highlights. You can read full release details and changelog here. Since then, aided by the great help of the community, we’ve continued beta testing and bug fixing. And now, several updates later, we are confident and proud to [...Read More!]


RCRN AE goes Final on November 30! Stealth Betas incoming!

UPDATE 01/12/2013: Anniversary Edition is now available! We are proud to announce that RCRN Anniversary Edition will be released as “final” version the next weekend. This date has been picked for a couple of reasons, first, on the next saturday RCRN turns 2 years old, so this release is also a great way to celebrate it. Secondly the Thanksgiving vacation will provide our (US based) users some more free time [...Read More!]


RCRN hits 4K Endorsements on Nexus!

Hey guys! For those who have been following along might already know, RCRN continues forward under relentless development. There are a lot of REALLY cool things coming in the not too distant future, in which we’re very excited. We’ve continued a collaborative work effort with our friends at SweetFX, Crosire, and HiAlgo to spawn something to take your gaming experience even further! Anyways…the main purpose of this post was to [...Read More!]


The RCRN AE: Step #1 Beta, begins today!

Its been a long time coming, but it’s finally time for the RCRN Anniversary Edition, Open Beta to begin. The past week Preview Article already covered all the goodies RCRN AE contains, and touched on the fact these features will become available throughout the series of three Beta steps/phases. Here in lies the first step of the process. While AE remains in Beta, downloads on Nexus will remain only for [...Read More!]


RCRN Anniversary Edition: Lights on!

Hello guys, some months have passed since the latest v3.6 of RCRN went live. During which we saw Xmas pass as we hit the new year. Throughout this time we never ceased developing and testing, and you will be soon able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So to speak. The new upcoming version, RCRN Anniversary Edition, has really grown beyond our expectations. If you’ve been using RCRN since [...Read More!]


Happy Birthday RCRN! Thanks everyone!

It’s a day of celebration! The first year of RCRN development has already come to pass! To be completely honest, its very difficult for me to write this article because of the sentimental implications involved, but I am very proud to be able to write it! Throughout the course of these last 6 months, a good many famous mods died, or at the very least, ceased in support and development. [...Read More!]


RCRN Landscapes! Amazing screenshots!

Today we took a little break from coding at the office, kept the Creation Kit closed and decided to check out how far the Skyrim engine could be pushed until either our test rig blew up or Skyrim started its infinite series of crashes to desktop. We removed the dust from our .ini tweaks, pushed the settings of our GTX580 to their limit, via the driver panel and we added [...Read More!]


RCRN 3.6 is now up for download!

After the typical series of RCRN delays and tentative releases, the once planned 3.51 Hotfix evolved to update version 3.6 is finally LIVE! Highlighted by Nvidia Optimus compatibility, 3.6 covers some minor tweaks and fixes, as outlined in Changelog, but also notably includes the addressing of Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue some users were plagued by. We’re additionally pleased with the improvement changes made to snowstorms, and directional wind corrections occurring [...Read More!]


RCRN 3.5... What's new?

Due to the issues we had during the past few days, I’ll be brief because i don’t want to postpone your gameplay much further. With that being said, I’ll mainly focus on revealing the more exciting features being introduced by our newest version! Dynamic interiors 3.5 with sounds: Previously in the RCRN 3, we introduced Dynamic Interiors as a concept idea. Something we feel is amazing but still a bit [...Read More!]