RCRN AE Landscapes! Cool screenshots inside!

Now that a heavy portion of RCRN AE is live, we are content to take some time to wander lands of Skyrim and actually enjoy the game and the gameplay. In the past we have taken our spells and blades to Tamriel in the same fashion, all while ensuring to stop for some eye-catching screenshots. Considering you guys seemed to enjoy the shots last time, we figure; why not keep [...Read More!]


RCRN AE goes Final, available now!

So… Just over 2 months ago, RCRN AE Beta 2.1 went live. The significance of this update was the enthusiastic introduction the all new Customizer. That was however, just one of many highlights. You can read full release details and changelog here. Since then, aided by the great help of the community, we’ve continued beta testing and bug fixing. And now, several updates later, we are confident and proud to [...Read More!]


The Steam Autumn Sale: Skyrim and DLCs on sale

For the next 46 hours, Skyrim and its DLCs are on sale at the Steam Store. If you are looking to pick up Dragonborn or Dawnguard to check out the RCRN support for it, or just happen to know someone who hasn’t picked up the game yet, now might be the time. The current sale prices: Skyrim Legendary Edition (Skyrim + all DLCs) – 60% off at $20.39 (13.59€) Skyrim [...Read More!]


A Tale of Two EP #2 - Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective

During the last chapter, the story followed the point of view of Forgsmitt, the divinely appointed champion, or so he believes, as he braved the dragon attack at Helgen. Today we will explore a different view of the same facts! ~Zeq Chapter #2 Helgen Omens: The Elf Perspective “Hey, you. Your finally awake.” The ashen skinned elf groggily rubbed his eyes as he silently retorted that, no, he had not [...Read More!]


RCRN hits 4K Endorsements on Nexus!

Hey guys! For those who have been following along might already know, RCRN continues forward under relentless development. There are a lot of REALLY cool things coming in the not too distant future, in which we’re very excited. We’ve continued a collaborative work effort with our friends at SweetFX, Crosire, and HiAlgo to spawn something to take your gaming experience even further! Anyways…the main purpose of this post was to [...Read More!]


A Tale of Two EP #1 - Helgen Omens: The Orc Perspective

Hello fellas! During the past weeks we welcomed aboard into our Dev Team: Zeq, as content manager for the RCRN website. Today, after several days of work we are happy to present a periodical (and community-driven) novel, which will guide you around Tamriel, we hope that it will be an entertaining read for our whole user base. I leave the rest to Zeq! Happy reading! ~aLaaa Hello and welcome to [...Read More!]


RCRN AE Beta 2.1 released, hands on!

Well… please allow us to say it with you, “Finally!” The day has arrived, after 8 months of work, over ten thousand lines of code, swears and tears, we are finally happy to go live with the largest part of the never-ending Anniversary Edition of RCRN. The AE Beta 2.1.0, carries heavy heritage with it, in that it’s version allocation “2.1”, which by true coincidence is shared by our first [...Read More!]


A look into the brand new HiAlgoSwitch!

Hello guys, today we wanted to make enthusiastic mention to the latest entry in the mod release list, by our friends at HiAlgoBoost, the Switch! HiAlgoSwitch is a new, and super-lightweight tool designed for switching Skyrim‘s resolution (but it is also compatible with many others games) from 100% to 50% and back, instantly and simply by clicking the middle mouse button. This tool is mainly designed for users with average/mid-range [...Read More!]


RCRN Devblog #1: Choo choo what's going on?

Hello fellow RCRN users, if you are wondering why we’ve seemed a bit “quiet” lately, it’s just because of the abundance of things we have going on currently, and a massive “to-do” list. Much of our attention has been on the technical aspects of our software, but also we’ve enthusiastically been pursuing efforts to on turning our little Indie Team into a effective startup. This step is essential at this [...Read More!]


Steam Sales: Skyrim Legendary 40% off, DLCs 50% off!

Do you have a friend which still doesn’t own Skyrim (shame on him!) or all the available DLCs? According to the just released Steam Sales seems like it’s time to buy him a present! There is a Flash Sale ongoing only for the NEXT 7 HOURS, which brings some good deals for the main Skyrim game and for all the DLCs out there! Here are all the price reductions: The [...Read More!]