RCRN for Workshop: new page layout and more!

Heya! Good news for all of our users which are using RCRN through the Steam Workshop, Valve finally decided to offer devs a proper off-Workshop image implementation for mod pages. As of this upgrade, we reworked all of our Workshop pages by designing a layout tailored to the needs of our Workshop users. We focused on user usability, and tried to keep it simple and clean, while briefly explaining RCRN, [...Read More!]


RCRN 3.6 is now up for download!

After the typical series of RCRN delays and tentative releases, the once planned 3.51 Hotfix evolved to update version 3.6 is finally LIVE! Highlighted by Nvidia Optimus compatibility, 3.6 covers some minor tweaks and fixes, as outlined in Changelog, but also notably includes the addressing of Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue some users were plagued by. We’re additionally pleased with the improvement changes made to snowstorms, and directional wind corrections occurring [...Read More!]


RCRN 3.5... What's new?

Due to the issues we had during the past few days, I’ll be brief because i don’t want to postpone your gameplay much further. With that being said, I’ll mainly focus on revealing the more exciting features being introduced by our newest version! Dynamic interiors 3.5 with sounds: Previously in the RCRN 3, we introduced Dynamic Interiors as a concept idea. Something we feel is amazing but still a bit [...Read More!]


Introducing... The RCRN Customizer 3.5!

Keeping with revamp intention of RCRN 3.5, has included every aspect of the project, which obviously includes our Customizer software; Heavily reworked, and wider improved! We added new options, new buttons, a brand new volumetric fog manager and also a fancy twitter integration so you have the option to quickly have a look at what we’re doing just before running the game! If you have any doubts about how the [...Read More!]


Hail to the King!

After 3 months of hard work and developing both on the Creation Kit and with the Injector files we are finally proud to release the long awaited RCRN 3! The new version of Realistic Colors and Real Nights is a huge step forward in the RCRN development. Most of the features are not “just an update” of what you have enjoyed with the previous version 2.1, everything is new! The [...Read More!]


A big hug to our community!

I’m really happy, RCRN is “selling” like hell on the Steam Workshop, and this is an incredible thing because we are one of the few mods that we can’t put all our *core* files in the Workshop due the folder limitation! At the moment we are keeping the 1st place in 3 Steam charts from about 24h, in front of famous mods like SkyUI and Dovahkiin Hideout, this is really [...Read More!]