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Realistic Colors and Real Nights is partially based on FXAA Post Process Injector technology, that has been heavily reworked and optimized specifically for Skyrim, new features have been added and a lot of original problems have been solved!

Here is a showcase of the technologies used by RCRN:

Real Volumetric Fog

When active, volumetric fog will be generated during foggy weathers aimed to add depthness to the fog it self. We merged the coding power of MannyGT with the design capabilities of the RCRN Team. The result of this are 3 different volumetric presets (OFF/DOF ONLY – SUBTLE – HEAVY) to accomodate your preferences!

Volumetric Fog comes with a very little performance hit, but if your VGA can’t handle it you can simply and quickly disable it via our Customizer!

For RCRN Manual Installation users, there is also a one more optional setting, they can choose the use the FULL version of our Volumetric, that will trigger everywhere during every foggy weather or they can use the LITE version that will trigger everywhere but with the exception of Riften. This possibility has been added because in the Riften area there is a lot of fog usually, and it may cause slowdowns with not-so-recent hardware!

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Premium FXAA

The “Premium FXAA” is an improved version of the standard FXAA included in the FXAA Post Process Injector. The new version features a new FXAA calculation developed to work collaboratively with the standard FXAA included in Skyrim. You can check immediately how it works by enabling/disabling it via the “Pause” key when you are on the main menu (look at the dragon logo border!)
Since version 1.6 we corrected it in order to minimize the fuzziness on texts.
FXAA means Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing and is a post process antialiasing technique that works on the sub-pixel of each surface displayed on your monitor. The advantage of this method is that it’s not as performance hungry as the standard MSAA method.

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TwinPass HDR

Again a step ahead of other mods, after being the first mod to introduce a real HDR Engine we now double it! The “doublepass” system renders the HDR one more time before the final result. This method produces better reflections and brighter days, without ruining the color balance like a too powerful single pass HDR does!
Developed by the RCRN team, the Adaptive HDR system guarantees warmer colors during certain hours, such as sunset and dawn, but also an even brighter daytime! Everything is based on a Real Life color palette!
In RCRN 3.0 we totally reworked the HDR process in order to make it more dynamic. It now uses brand new calculations and a Twin Passes system instead of the 2 different passes we used previously. The end product grants you an improved experience and a lower performance hit, as we also rebuilt over the 75% of RCRN in order to perfectly match the upgraded HDR!

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Dynamic Interiors

This brand new feature developed by RCRN team for RCRN 3.0 is available only with our mod. Around Skyrim there are about 30 places that are now using this exclusive Dynamic Interiors feature, which grants you a totally new indoor experience. Interior lighting has been finely tuned and reworked in order to perfectly match the outdoor weather and timecycle. This means you can experience the stunning sunrise and sunsets of dawn and dusk… but also the tranquil cascading Auroras , while resting your weary legs sitting on a chair at your favorite inn! Several notorious places such as DragonsReach, Breezehome, Solitude Bard’s College and more… are using this new Dynamic Interiors system!

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Hybrid Shaders 3.0

The Hybrid Shaders system, now updated to v3.0, mixes the RCRN Dynamic Shaders perfectly with a reworked version of the original ingame Shaders. This makes the daylight look beautiful! No more “dark” sunny days, no more “dark” faces, and no more high contrast during clear weather!
Hybrid Shaders 3.0 also grants an improved management of the weather, all days and all the nights are different, enjoy the realistic dynamic lighting during cloudy, foggy, snowy and clear days!
With the latest release we have also added a new and totally dynamic Depth of Field, that is managed in real time by our engine simulating ambient fog for an ultra-realistic atmosphere!

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Realistic Lighting

The Adaptive Lighting feature, added since RCRN 2.0, will provide an incredible dynamic experience. Every light source is now managed dynamically, from carryable torches to dungeons, in order to keep you totally immersed into the Skyrim world!
You can experience this by running around with a torch. Observe the amount of light emitted, and notice the shadow management will adapt relative to the weather that is occuring!

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