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Dynamic Interiors, a brand new feature developed by the RCRN team for RCRN 3.0, is available only with our mod. Around Skyrim there are about 30 places that are now using this exclusive Dynamic Interiors feature, which grants you a totally new indoor experience. Interior lighting has been finely tuned and reworked in order to perfectly match the outdoor weather and timecycle. This means you can experience the stunning sunrise and sunsets of dawn and dusk… but also the tranquil cascading Auroras , while resting your weary legs sitting on a chair at your favorite inn! Several notorious places such as DragonsReach, Breezehome, Solitude Bard’s College and more… are using this new Dynamic Interiors system!

In the tab below you can view an example of how Dynamic Interiors works during the course of an entire day. Looking at the images you can see the effects of how lighting changes in hue, intensity but also direction throughout the day, corresponding with what is happening outside!

TIP: In what places can I experience the new Dynamic Interiors?

Around Skyrim there are over 30 locations that are using this new technology. The current list includes: most inns and taverns, almost all of the jarls’ houses, and some of the most evocative places such as Dragonsreach, Jorrvaskr, Breezehome and the Bard’s College in Solitude. Some other more common locations like the Honningbrew Meadery, some dungeons and several farms are additionally enhanced by this feature!

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