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The “Premium FXAA” is an improved version of the standard FXAA included in the FXAA Post Process Injector, the new version features a new FXAA calculation developed to work also with the standard FXAA included in Skyrim. You can check immediately how it works by enabling/disabling it via the “Pause” key when you are on the main menu (look at the dragon logo border!)
Since version 1.6 we corrected it in order to reduce the fuzziness on texts.
FXAA means Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing and is a post process antialiasing technique that works on the sub-pixel of each surface displayed on your monitor. The advantage of this method is that it’s not as performance hungry as the standard MSAA method.

Here is a comparison between RCRN Premium Fxaa and no Fxaa, this demo picture has been taken with ultra details and MSAA 4x:

TIP: How can you disable the RCRN FXAA Antialiasing if you don’t like it? (FXAA may cause text fuzziness)

Since v3.0 you can enable/disable FXAA via the provided RCRN Customizer, a link to it will be placed on your desktop just after installation.
If you are using the Steam Workshop version in order to disable Fxaa AA, you have to delete/rename the file “Fxaa3_11.h” and then rename the file “Fxaa3_11_RenameMEforFXAAoff.h” to “Fxaa3_11.h”.
All files are located inside the “injFX_Shaders” folder placed in your main Skyrim directory. .

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