» HDR – High Dynamic Range «
discover the magic behind RCRN

Again a step ahead of other mods, after being the first mod to introduce a real HDR Engine, we’ve now doubled it! The “doublepass” system renders the HDR an additional time before the final result. This method produces better reflections and brighter days, without ruining the color balance like a too powerful single pass HDR does!

Developed by the RCRN team, the Adaptive HDR system guarantees warmer colors during certain hours, such as sunsets and dawn, but also an even brighter daytime! Everything is based on a Real Life color palette!

In RCRN 3.0 we totally reworked the HDR process in order to make it more dynamic. It now uses brand new calculations and a Twin Pass system instead of the 2 different passes we used previously. The end product grants you an improved experience and a lower performance hit, as we also rebuilt over the 75% of RCRN in order to perfectly match the upgraded HDR!

RCRN uses dynamic calculations that are made relative to the contrast ratio of the scene you are moving in. Such calculations also result in an altered management of distant objects.
For example, if you are staring a tree 100 meters ahead, it will appear darker than it would at a a closer distance. This effect simulates better focus of nearer objects without the consequence of blurring the entire image!

Graphics processor company Nvidia summarizes the motivation for HDR in three points:

    - Bright things can be really bright.
    - Dark things can be really dark.
    - Details can be seen in both.

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