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The Hybrid Shaders system, now updated to v3.0, mixes our reworked version of the original ingame Shaders with the RCRN Dynamic Shaders perfectly. This makes daylight look beautiful! No more “dark” sunny days, no more “dark” faces, and no more high contrast during clear weather!
Hybrid Shaders 3.0 also grants an improved weather management, which results in noticeable variations of all days and nights. Furthermore, the realistic dynamic lighting during cloudy, foggy, snowy and clear days offers an abundance more to enjoy!

With the latest release we have also added a new and totally dynamic Depth of Field, that is managed in real time by our engine simulating ambient fog for an ultra-realistic atmosphere! This feature provides an added immersion, especially during weather conditions commonly associated with reduced visibility, such as thick fog and rain or snow storms, heightening your Skyrim experience.

The Hybrid Shaders technology is designed to handle the entire RCRN .esp file. It essentially operates as the “director” dynamically managing all RCRN technologies in real time during gameplay.

This means, for example, Depth Of Field (DOF) will react realistically to all the weather changes. Another good example is the advanced hue management.
You will never find the same color in the skybox more than once.

Hybrid Shaders will also regulate the effects of Bloom and alleviate the “greenish layer” frequently masking the screen of vanilla Skyrim.

An appropriate and fitting analogy:

Hybrid Shaders is your personal dynamic “lighting director“, the other RCRN technologies are his Orchestra!

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