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The Adaptive Lighting feature, originally developed with RCRN 2.0, and revamped in the latest version will provide an incredibly dynamic experience. Every light source is now managed dynamically, from carryable torches to the dungeon chandoliers, to better keep you totally immersed in the world of Skyrim!

You can experience this first hand while running around with a torch. Observe the amount of light emitted, and notice how shadow management will adapt relative to the weather that is occuring!

With the latest version of RCRN, we totally reworked our light sources behaviors. The night time has been upgraded with a brand new kind of deep darkness, and the new torch/lighting system works wonderfully with it. Torches now cast a better and more realistic lighting radius along with a dynamic torch hue!

In the picture below you can view our torch radius-o-meter!
realistic lighting

TIP: How long does a torch last in RCRN? And what is the torch radius?

Due the increased importance of torches, in RCRN we upgraded both radius and duration! The range is now doubled compared to the vanilla setting, and their duration has been increased to 25 mins, comprable to that of a real life torch!

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