» Real Volumetric Fog «
discover the magic behind RCRN

When active, volumetric fog will be generated during foggy weathers aimed to add depthness to the fog it self. We merged the coding power of MannyGT with the design capabilities of the RCRN Team. The result of this are 3 different volumetric presets (OFF/DOF ONLY – SUBTLE – HEAVY) to accomodate your preferences!

Volumetric Fog comes with a very little performance hit, but if your VGA can’t handle it you can simply and quickly disable it via our Customizer!

For RCRN Manual Installation users, there is also a one more optional setting, they can choose the use the FULL version of our Volumetric, that will trigger everywhere during every foggy weather or they can use the LITE version that will trigger everywhere but with the exception of Riften. This possibility has been added because in the Riften area there is a lot of fog usually, and it may cause slowdowns with not-so-recent hardware!

For RCRN Autoinstaller users, the default version installed is the FULL one!

NOTE: volumetric fog is a bit hard to see in screenshots, but in-game is much more easy!


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