Its been a long time coming, but it’s finally time for the RCRN Anniversary Edition, Open Beta to begin.
The past week Preview Article already covered all the goodies RCRN AE contains, and touched on the fact these features will become available throughout the series of three Beta steps/phases. Here in lies the first step of the process.

While AE remains in Beta, downloads on Nexus will remain only for final versions (currently v3.6). The key features on this first stage of beta are the new HD Snow textures, and Dawnguard DLC support, along with a series of various fixes and tweaks. The full Beta Changelog is available here, into our new Beta Forum.

So for those seeking Beta participation, be sure to grab your (free) member registration on if you haven’t already.

Beta users will notice a “beta” participation badge below their forum avatar, allowing easier feedback organizing for us.

Also note that The RCRN AE Beta is not a Final Version, then for now it will not come with an auto-installer program but only with manual installation, if you don’t like the Manual Installation method, and you want to wait for the new Autoinstaller program (which will bring cool stuff like: modular installation, auto-backup and auto-update functionalities), the ETA is about 2-5 days from now.

Please keep in mind, this is Beta, so you guys are crucial to the success of the final version. We need to know any issues or bugs experienced. Make use of the Forums for posting your feedback and reports, and most importantly have fun with it!

Beta Download:
JOIN the RCRN AE Beta!

Remember also that you can keep your Dovahkiin updated with the latest Beta news through our Facebook page and our Tweets!




  1. August 4, 2013  3:35 pm by reneebernaard

    Hey Guys!

    THANK YOU, for all this!!
    A great Mod, great Website and nice Guides, thank you!

    Greatings René

  2. September 2, 2013  1:15 pm by rodvaliati

    It´s great with Realvision ENB. And I love the auto proxy configuration !!!! I´ve just made some ajustments in bright settings in enbseries.ini. Better and lighter, comparing with Climates of Tamriel + RLO + ENB. My 2GB VRam apreciated a lot. No more random freezes and game much more beautiful ! \o/

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