The climbing is over! After an intense “summer of coding” we are happy to finally announce that the upcoming RCRN version 3.5 will be released next week on October 18th!

(If you want to know more about the features added in v3.5, please check the website during the next few days. We will post the full changelog as soon as its complete!)

But this is not all! This summer we also laid the ground work for a series of releases that are planned over the next 3 months!

During the first part of November we will open the new beta phase, called “RCRN for Optimus” that will feature not only a fully functional solution to make your Optimus laptop compatible with RCRN, but we will also provide a tool that will help our users that are experiencing “stuttering” due to the imbalance of a high-end CPU with a less proficient GPU.

Also in November, but in the second half, we plan to go live with a new part of our website called “The DovakApp Market”, a specifically designed sub-site that will look like a bit like the famous “Apple Store“. This new platform, thanks to the integrations done in the code of the upcoming v3.5, will be able to provide you optional fresh content over time (RCRN related) and our future compatibility add-ons for the official DLC releases by Bethesda.

And then… the Big Bang!
On November, 28 in order to celebrate the first Birthday of RCRN (It’s already been a year!) We will release the “Anniversary Edition” of our mod, featuring the long requested SMAA integration along with more stuff that we can’t yet reveal!

Hopefully you won’t be annoyed in this next quarter of 2012!

Next there is our official timeline, feel free to share it on your favorite forum!

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